Bargain Alert – Latest in Beauty £15 Gift Card

UPDATE: One lovely reader (wanderluster) has very helpfully pointed out that the Gift Card is for ESPA Skincare, which you’d notice at checkout when you apply the code. Bummer =( Unless you’re really into ESPA, in which case, hurrah.

TGIF Everybody!!!

Though, to be honest, what with freelancing and also church work, the weekends can sometimes be busier for me than the weekdays >_<

But not this weekend! Am absolutely looking forward to tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are going to spend some quality time together before I need to fly off to Singapore again next week for an entire month. It’s lovely but I really can’t stand hot weather!!

Anyway, enough with the exclamation marks, on to today’s amazing deal thanks to Latest in Beauty!

Latest in Beauty

If you haven’t heard of LiB before, they’re a beauty samples/beauty box type store where you can either buy one of their specially put together beauty boxes (so, no, it’s not a monthly subscription ‘surprise!’ type of beauty box store) or you can check out their samples section where you can purchase small/travel sized version of luxury products. Basically, the tagline is ‘try before you buy’ I guess =)

Right now, they’ve got an amazing offer on, which is that for a spend of just £5 you’ll receive a free surprise gift and (this is the good part) and £15 gift card with no minimum spend!! No minimum spend!! Magical words right there. [Update: this gift card is for ESPA skincare though, not for use on LIB! Still no minimum spend and if you do still get it I’d recommend getting the ESPA introductory collection on their site which is £16.50 for travel sizes of the Cleanser, Toner, Skin Polish Exfoliator, Moisturiser and Eye Moisturiser).

FREE Surprise Gift when you spend £5 or more...

As you can see from the picture above, it’s pretty simple to get the freebie, just shop at their site and apply the ‘FREEGIFT15‘ code at checkout. However, something this good is bound not to last for long, you’ve only got till midnight today to do this so I suggest if you’re at all interested to high-tail it on over there like now-now and have a browse through their shop!

They’ve currently got 2 lovely LIB Beauty Boxes for sale, either the Hip and Healthy Beauty Discovery or the Glamour Beauty Edit. Both are very, very intriguing to me. If you’re at the point in the year where you’re starting to have a nosey around ‘healthy living’ the Hip and Healthy Box would totally float your boat, amazing value for only £9.95 for £50 worth of items.

On the other hand, the Glamour Beauty Edit (collated in conjunction with Glamour magazine) is a pretty amazing collection too! This comes out only a few times a year (or is it once a year…?) and if you have a browse at what’s in the box you really can’t fault their taste! It’s £14.95 for £65 worth of product.

Or! You can just pick up £5 worth of samples in their little sample shop. I originally thought the gift card was for LIB itself and got very excited at the thought that it basically means a free beauty box but er… sadly, No.

Totally eyeing the Caudalie samples pack or the Nick Lowe Sebum Cleanser… definitely don’t get the ESPA bundle to get your £5 unless you’re looking for loads and loads of ESPA products.



What would you buy from Latest in Beauty? =)

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4 thoughts on “Bargain Alert – Latest in Beauty £15 Gift Card

    • Ooo! I did realise that the ESPA sample set also comes with a £15 gift card but I didn’t realise the FREEGIFT15 was the same gift card! It doesn’t specify that anywhere. Well, that’s a bit cheeky of them… =P

      • Yep, I know. I put some stuff on my basket and added the code and the ESPA bundle appeared… so it’s not that great because everything there is expensive and they charge shipping costs 😦

      • I just tried it and I see it! The ironic thing was I was wondering whether to get the ESPA bundle in the first place… meh! Thanks for the heads up, I’ll update the post now! xoxo

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