Quick Lil Deal Alert – Amazing Cocosa 24 Hour Fashion Fix Sale

Heyyy my lovelies!

So, quick lil’ deal alert for y’all today.

Have you heard of Cocosa? If not, it’s basically like Secret Sales, a site I’ve mentioned once or twice before.

24 Hour Fashion Fix: Dresses

Cocosa Fashion Fix time!!

Just like Secret Sales, Cocosa is a flash sales website where they usually feature luxury brands on sales that last for 2 to 3 days. They also have their own on-going outlet section (as most of these tend to do) and the great thing is that they’re having an additional sale on their outlet today but for just 24 hours only!

As the name suggests, the Fashion Fix Flash Sale is on for just the fashion related sections of their outlet (duh, lol). From what I can see, this includes: Dresses, Accessories (Bags/Jewellery), Footwear, Knitwear/Tops, Lingerie/Swimwear, Skirts/Trousers, Coats/Blazers and also Mens Wear! So, perfect chance to have a browse if you’re needing to buy a gift for a man in your life…

The sale offers bargains for up to 90% off, of course we need to take anything that advertises ‘up to xx%’ with a pinch of salt, since it could be that only one item is 90% off and the rest are, like, 5% off, but I’ve had a browse through the sales myself and the majority of the items in the Dresses section, for example, are below £100, which is indeed a steal for brand name clothes.

I’m not very familiar with brands myself (too parsimonious to buy them! lol…) but some that you may be interested in and which feature in the sale are: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Alice by Temperly, Temperly, Nicole Farhi, Furla, Links of London, Rebecca Minkoff, Tommy Hilfiger, Melissa shoes … and the list goes on.

Details you need to know are that this sale will last until 6am tomorrow, that’s 6am on the 23rd of January, so do check it out here today or tonight if you’re at all interested.

Happy Sales Hunting!



Who’s shopped on Cocosa before? =)

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