Couple of Amazing Giveaways on A Model Recommends

Helloooo Everyone!

So, today’s post is kinda like a ‘Quick Lil Deal Alert’ but very blogger-centric (if that makes sense) because the two deals today are both blogger giveaways and both courtesy of Ruth from A Model Recommends!

I’m sure my regular readers will know by now that AMR is my basic go-to blog for anything skincare related, the price points for some of the products she recommends are quite high but there’re a few good budget finds too (the Kiko Skin Trainer Serum on my current wishlist being one of them), so am very excited about this giveaway and thought I should share the good news! (gospel reference there lol; it’s a bit silly, isn’t it, since the more people who enter the chances of me winning goes down, but I can’t help it, heh, good news is meant to be shared!!)

AMR Logo

AMR Giveaway alert!!! That makes for a good day and an amazing week…

Right, so the first giveaway is for a 40ml tube of the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + (apparently an updated and even better version of their Effaclar spot treatment because it helps to get rid of the post-spot pigmentation as well, hurrah). I’ve actually mentioned the Effaclar before because La Roche Posay was doing a free mini-samples giveaway some time back (see here). I received a mini sample then and I can testify that the cream is definitely is good enough to use as an all-over moisturiser. Can’t say I saw much difference in my skin then except perhaps a slight improvement on blackheads but to be fair, the mini sample doesn’t go very far!

So, if you’d like to be one of the lucky 100 to receive a free Effaclar Duo + courtesy of Ruth and La Roche Posay, just check out her post here! You’ve till noontime on Monday the 27th of Jan to sign up for it, you’ll need to subscribe to AMR and also comment on the blogpost. To be all nerdy and statistics-y, let me add that there’s currently 473 comments on her blogpost so… chances are about 1 in 5? Not bad odds! Of course I’m betting it’ll be closer to 1 in 10 by the time Monday the 27th rolls around…

By the way, doesn’t that ‘+’ sign at the end of the new Effaclar Duo remind you of something else…? 😉 plus signs must be all the rage in the beauty world… but wait, I guess 2 products doesn’t justify ‘all the rage’. Hmm.

The next giveaway is an epic one!

It's been HOW long?!

So awesome it deserves the honour of my all-time favourite awesome-kitten picture!

It’s to celebrate her getting 200k subscribers on YouTube, I say it’s mega-epic because the prize is a mega-beauty giveaway worth over £1000!

Which is why I’m posting about it, even though odds are very low, because if you do win it, it would be absolutely worth it!

You’ll need to subscribe to her channel and also comment on her 200k Subbies Youtube video (the blogpost is here and the video is here), you have until this Friday the 24th at noontime to get this done so do remember! In fact, if you’re at all interested, just do it now (lol).

I don’t want to ‘steal’ any of her pictures so have a look at her blogpost (linked above) and better yet the video (it’s worth watching just to see how happy she obviously is at the beginning, joy is infectious!) to see what’s up for grabs, there’s stuff from L’Occitane, Pai, Emma Hardie, Caudalie… even Charlotte Tilbury (make-up junkies will be very excited now I believe). Basically stuff I personally would never imagine buying! Or if I did it would be over a period of years so… yes, very exciting indeed!

Wishing you all the best of luck! Do let me know if you win, I would be extremely happy for you!




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