Monday Munchies – Free Sobe V Water, Naturvits Sample Pack and Nakd Bar

Hellooo Everyone!

Another week and another issue of Monday Munchies =D

Quite a lot of great goodies for you this week, I can’t wait to share it all with you.

First up, we have Sobe V Water.

Free Sobe V Bottle Water
I’ve honestly never heard of this brand before but I checked out the Sobe website and it’s pretty interesting, the different flavours are meant to target different health concerns (eg. Detox, Shield (immunity I guess) etc).

If you want to try it out for yourselves, they’re giving away free bottles (each is worth £.145)! Just fill in this form here and they’ll email you a voucher for a free bottle, you can claim it from most major stockists, including Tesco and Sainbury’s.
Next is NaturVits, which looks really cute!
You just need to fill in this form and choose which pack you’d like to try out, personally I think the kid’s pack is the cutest… it’s one of those mail-direct-to-your-door freebies that’s my absolutely favourite =)
Finally, to end off, here’s a free Nakd Bar!
Okay, these I’m sure people know about, lol, one of the best health food/energy bars there are out there with gluten free options to boot.
Same as with the Sobe V freebie, fill out this form and they’ll send you a voucher.
Have fun with all the yummy foods!

Which is your favourite freebie today?

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