Debenhams Beauty Club – Free Benefit Birthday Brow Wax!

Came across a fantastic deal today, which gets you free beauty samples, makeovers/consultations plus a free brow wax with Benefit on your birthday =D Thought it would bring an added smile to your Sunday.

Say hello to the Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card!

free debenhams beauty samples

Of course, like all rewards cards, this was designed to get consumers to start shopping more at Debenhams, not only because of the points you earn but also because even if the beauty samples and makeovers don’t tempt you to buy a product, the more often you trek there the more you’ll be likely to get something.

However, despite that, I do really think it sounds fantastic and I don’t often say that! To start off, you get 3 points per £1 you spend, which is average I’d say.

But you can also get:

1) Free Beauty Samples

Apparently you just need to flash your Beauty Club Reward Card to a member of staff at your favourite counter (or ‘counters’ lol). You can’t just get a sample of anything however, they’ll most probably share with you a sample of their latest launch or popular product.

This does make me feel that probably you’d be able to get a sample just by asking nicely and without a card anyways… but then again the card is free so no harm having a card to further ‘validate’ asking for free stuff.

 2) Free Makeovers

These can also be had at the counters, apparently some counters will charge for a full makeover or makeup lesson but the money is redeemable against purchase, so target counters where you already have products in mind you’d want to buy… however you should be able to mini makeovers for free (eg. touch-ups or eye/lip makeovers).

You might need to make an appointment in advance and I’d call in advance anyway to check which counters offer full makeovers and which don’t, just to avoid disappointment…

3) Free Benefit Birthday Brow Wax

This is the best deal here I think!! The brow wax is worth £11.50 and you can claim it any time from within a month of your birthday, so this is something to stick in the diary for sure!

4) Free Delivery

You get a free delivery code in your monthly statement. I’d think this is great but then again I don’t really shop much on Debenhams online, neither do I really know people who do so… lol!

If you’re the type of shopper who can never walk through the beauty aisle of a department store without walking out with some purchase you hadn’t intended to get… then don’t sign up for this (lol) but otherwise it’s a pretty good deal. 😉



What rewards cards are you signed up on?

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5 thoughts on “Debenhams Beauty Club – Free Benefit Birthday Brow Wax!

  1. Hey huni, i already have this card and I’ve had it for the past year but never got any of those benefits 😦 Do you know how i can claim the birthday prize? xx

    • Oh no! Hmm, it seems that for the makeovers/samples you just need to bring the card to the counters, for the brow wax just bring the card as well as a proof of birth date (eg. driver’s license) to any participating counter, here’s the list:

      Basildon, Basingstoke, Belfast, Birmingham, Blanchardstown, Bristol, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Foyleside, Cork Patrick Street, Dublin Henry Street, Plymouth, Glasgow, Gloucester, Salisbury, Hull, Leeds White Rose, Leeds City Centre, Leicester, Limerick, Liverpool, Luton, Mahon Point, Manchester, Meadowhall, Merry Hill, Metro Centre, Southend, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Sutton, Oxford Street, Middlesborough, Silverburn, Portsmouth, Preston, Romford, Bournemouth, Colchester, Stirling, Sunderland, Harrow, Swansea, Trafford Centre, Waterford, Oxford, Aberdeen, Swansea and Dundee

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