Boots Star Gift #Final – Oral B Professional Care 600 Whitening Toothbrush with Paste

Hi Everyone,

Hurrah it’s the weekend! If you haven’t had time to check out the sales yet now would probably be the best time to do so 😉

Anyway, on to today’s post… did anyone else know that the Boots Star Gifts are still on?! For some reason I thought they ended with the start of Christmas (since they’re ‘Star Gifts’ I thought they were meant for Christmas gifts, guess not…), hence why I stopped posting on them, but I’ve just literally stumbled across another Star Gift for this week (the last one for real this time). It’s not beauty-related, or maybe it is because I guess a pretty smile is worth a million, but I thought for the sake of continuity I might as well post about it!

I’m very sorry to have missed posting all the Star Gifts! To be honest though, it’s near impossible to find any info on the Star Gifts, even on the Boots website, since Christmas passed. It’s like they’ve dropped publicity on it like a hot potato since it isn’t so ‘important’ any more.

Anyway, the deal is £28.99 for the Oral B Professional Care 600 Whitening Toothbrush, it’s down from £60.00 (once again, marginally better than half price!) so if you’ve been considering getting an electric toothbrush, now’s the time!

The toothpaste that it comes with is the Oral B 3-D White Luxe Toothpaste, it doesn’t specify but I’d say it’s 75ml of toothpaste seeing as all Oral B toothpastes seem to come in 75ml tubes.

Also worth noting that the Oral B Pro Care 600 Whitening Toothbrush is compatible with most other brush heads (hurrah). The product specs also say that the toothbrush has a 2 minute timer inbuilt, which I personally think is pretty nifty because I’m definitely one for being too impatient to properly brush my teeth…

Finally, it seems that this deal also comes wit a £3 off voucher for Max Factor, which is a nice little added incentive to get it!

Not really the thing I’d buy someone as a gift, especially not as a Christmas gift in January because not only is it a dental-hygiene related gift it’s also incredibly late, unless I know for sure whoever I’m buying it for would love an electric toothbrush… definitely more of a purchase for yourself!

Well, with that we’re really and truly done with the Boots Star Gifts till the end of the year I suppose!



Do you use an electric toothbrush?

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