Magnitone Pulsar – First Thoughts

Happy Friday Everyone!

Ever since the Clarisonic the simple act of washing your face has never been the same huh?

I can remember way back when I was still utterly oblivious about skincare… I think I used to just wash my face with water and when I hit my teen years my skin started getting so oily I used just regular soap (and then wondered why my skin felt so tight afterwards!). Just using a soap specially made for facial cleansing made me go –> =O haha, I guess I never thought that existed! That was kinda my reaction to news of the Clarisonic too –> =O a toothbrush for the face?!

But despite all the great claims, it’s not cheap, is it? There’s a thousand other alternatives on the market now but somehow that just makes choosing a good one that much harder… which is why when the BBB posted about this opportunity to trial the Magnitone Pulsar I think I literally jumped at it! It wasn’t available for long (else I would’ve posted about it here too) and just by sheer luck I was up and on the site when the post went live… so, long story short, my Magnitone Pulsar arrived in the mail today!!



I’m very incredibly excited… because I’ve read so much about electronic facial cleansers and was just waiting for a bit more convincing (reviews, blogs, etc) to really take the plunge and purchase one. Apparently, this one has shown some amazing results even in just 7 days. We’ll see! Starting today I’ll be cleansing wit this twice a day and by the end of the week I’ll let you know how I’m getting on with it!

But first, I thought I’d give you my first thoughts on it…

What Is It?

First things first, what is the Magnitone Pulsar??

Well, yes, an electronic facial cleansing brush… but what else besides that? What makes it different?

It mainly claims to have ‘pulsed stimulation for the skin driven by Active Electromagnetic Technology’ and it’s really anyone’s guess what that really means but boiled down I think basically what they’re saying is that some technology makes the brush head shakes a lot and that shakes your skin and that’s good. Leads to much cleaner skin, yet much less abrasive than usual hand washing, and also increased circulation; all of which equals clearer skin, unclogged/smaller pores and, well, better skin all round.

What really stands out for me for this product is that you can use it for your body as well! Apparently it helps to sooth irritation around areas where you’ve saved or where you’ve dry skin (elbows, anyone?), this is pretty unique I think!

Also-also, it’s fully waterproof and you can use it in the shower/tub/ocean, which I’m rather excited about because when I shower I want to do everything in the shower, even brushing my teeth (anyone else like that?), I even dry myself in the shower area because it’s just too darned cold to step out wet…


Ah, the ever important question… this actually retails for £125, which makes it more expensive than the Clarisonic Mia but cheaper than the Clarisonic. Still nowhere near un-pricey I’d say! Except that once you buy it, you kinda use it forever… I guess.

It also has a nifty 12 month warranty! Which is great, because at that price you’d definitely want to use it for at least 12 months!

The brush heads cost about £16 for a pack of 2 and they advise you to change them every 2 to 3 months… so that’s about another £30 to £46 a year which you should factor into the cost as well.

I can’t really say yet whether I think it’s worth it or not, having not yet used it, my thoughts are that if it really does live up to its amazing skin-care claims for both face and body, I’d be happy to recommend it.


Okay, so on to more details about it… the brush itself has 4 different settings:

1. Exfoliate for dry skin removal and use on legs and arms

2. Sensitive for delicate or irritated skin

3. Deep Cleanse for daily cleansing and superior make-up removal

4. PulseLift Massage

I’ve had a go playing around with it and it’s pretty easy to switch between settings, it emits a different sound for each one too so you can’t get them mixed up really, although I do think the sound is pretty loud!

There’re 3 types of brush heads, the Active Cleanse one for facial cleansing, the Body Cleanse one for, well, your body, and finally a Sensitive one.

Here’s all the same info again in pictures:

Magnitone Pulsar Back

That’s a lot of claims!

This is the back of the box… chock full of information, as you can imagine. Below is the sides:

Magnitone Pulsar Side 2 Magnitone Pulsar Side 1

Just in case the picture’s too blurry… basically if you purchase the Magnitone Pulsar you get: Magnitone Pulsar Brush, Active Clean Brush Head, Body Cleanse Brush Head, Recharging Unit, User Manual, Charger Adapter.

The Sensitive Brush Head is sold separately but for the purposes of this trial I got sent a couple of sensitive brush heads too.

Magnitone Pulsar Open

Lil’ peek into the box…

They advised to charge the Magnitone Pular for 24 hours before the first use, I left it on charge before heading out for a bible group session and it was already fully charged by the time I was back! So far shorter charging period and I thought it’d need…

Here’re a couple of pictures of it charging away… ignore my very messy appliances and floor area!

Magnitone Pulsar Charge Front Magnitone Pulsar Charge Back

Well, so far so good!

I’ve given the manual a good look-through and I honestly think it’s pretty straight-forward (charging, taking care of it, how to use it etc). It actually already came pre-charged but they advised charging more anyway so…

One tiny thing though is that the charge indicator light is located on the front of the Magnitone Pular but it actually leans forward in the charging cradle (not sure if you can see that) so if you want to see if the light is flashing or not, you kinda need to duck your head down to peek under the brush head that obstructs the view. Very minor point though!

Right, that’s all from me for now! More details to follow during or after my 7 days of using it, so far so good I guess and I can’t help thinking how cute it is sitting there in its little cradle… then again the Clarisonic Mia also looks really cute. I have this thing about anthropomorphising my beauty things… do you?



Do you use any electronic face cleansers?

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