Macy’s Boxing Day Fashion Haul

Hello My Darlings!

Well, this is a little late seeing as it’s already well into January.

You know, as I grow older time doesn’t seem to hold the same density that it used to in the past… hours used to be so long and years felt like ages but now days just tick by like water and I’m always spinning round to find it’s a later date on the calendar than I’d have expected to see! Anyone else feel the same?

With that, here’s my belated Boxing Day Sales haul from when I went shopping in Macy’s in San Francisco, there were some labels/brands that really stood out for me because the outfits were just perfectly flattering for my shape (once you find that perfect cut, ladies, don’t let it go!!) and I’m gutted now that I’m back in London to find out (after some intense googling) that they were Macy’s Juniors lines and I won’t be able to get easy access to them here! Ah sigh… well I’m glad I picked them up when I did and the offers were amazing I have to say.

Okay, first of all… are these two gorgeous dresses from Ked’s!

Ked's Skater Dresses

Just 2 dresses, chillin’ out on the couch…

The fit is amazing and the stripes are arranged in such a way as to emphasize the waist and downplay the hips (see how they swoop downwards at the skirt?) but a picture tells a thousand words so below is a lovely picture I found online of the dress being modelled and you’ll see what I mean 😉 It’s so flattering:

keds juniors dress threequartersleeve-striped-skater

These were already on discount but Ked’s was on a further 20% that day so I managed to get them for around $18 each, that’s like less than £15??

Next is a lovely, calf-length, starry blue dress from Marilyn Monroe, a range from Macy’s juniors (le sigh, unobtainable here in London!!) and the moment I had it on I knew I had to buy it, just for some reason the fit and cut was perfectly flattering on me. I’m a very critical buyer, I just hate thinking I’ve wasted money on a garment that’ll only take up space in my wardrobe, so if I put something on and go ‘hmmmm’ and am just not sure about it, I won’t ever buy it. So it’s really rare for me to try something on and be so convinced!

Marilyn Monroe Front

Front view

Marilyn Monroe Back

Back View

As you can see, it’s a little daring, lots of little cut-outs everywhere! I actually wear it either over a black camisole or over a black turtleneck (which actually makes it look pretty good). My mum is adorable, as I was about to pay for it she asked ‘did you realise there’s lots of holes in it??’, I think she thought it was torn…

Here’s a model wearing it, so you get a better idea of it. It’s actually even more flattering in real-life than on the model! This was around $20 I believe!

Marilyn Monroe Midnight Combo Dress

Next up, a black number from Ralph Lauren going for about $40 and which I thought would be perfect for those serious-meeting-type days at work.

Black Ralph Lauren

Black Ralph Lauren

Again, here it is on a model:

Ralph Lauren Dress 2

It’s quite flattering and I love the cut, the only sad thing is that very last white line that slants down onto the hips is the most hip-widening stripe that’s ever been on a dress in the history of dresses… I got it anyway because the rest of the dress is flattering so it sort of counter-acts it. Also, if I can with my right hip cocked downwards (kinda like the model is doing) it looks alright (yes, funnily enough if you stand the other way it makes your hips look ginormous, thanks to that last diagonal stripe).

So many dresses… but finally, a blouse!

Rachel Roy Blouse

Rachel Roy Blouse

It was from a brand called Rachel Roy and cut down to around $30, I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a picture of it on a model but I do love it, it’s meant to be one of those large blouses that hang off your shoulders and it’s flattering because it makes your shoulders look very slim and show off the collar-bone. Also a good mix between elegant black-chic with a dash of cheerfulness in the floral bands I thought.

Finally, my favourite buy of the day…

Rachel Roy Leather Dress

Rachel Roy Leather Dress

A leather dress, really flattering on and a perfect little LBD with a touch of spunk (in the leather). Best part was that it used to be $159… but got cut to $59 in the sale… and then I realised it had the tiniest tear in the seam that’s so mend-able (needle, thread, 5 minutes, DONE) so I asked the salesgirl if there’s a further reduction due to the tear and then… bingo, it was $26! I’m not sure about you but I thought that was a fabulous deal, I had to get it!

And here it is on a model again:

Rachel Roy Leather Dress

And that’s that for my haul on Boxing Day!! It’s been fun sharing it with you guys, let me know your thoughts below =) =)



I’d love to hear about your hauls? =D

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