Spa On the Go!!

Hi sweethearts!

Holiday season is sort of officially over but I know many of us are probably coping with the holiday withdrawal by planning your next trip away, aren’t you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know I’ve harped on enough about weekend aways and spa-day offers!

Actually, I’ve been feeling I’ve been away from London long enough and am itching to get back to work that needs doing or just work that can be made-to-be-done in a sense, when you work freelance it’s always about generating your own opportunities so I guess it’s a good thing I’m pretty restless as a person!!

Either way, whether you throw yourself fully into work again or whether you find yourself grudgingly tossed back into the 9 to 5, it can feel a little shocking to the system and I really believe we can all do with a cheeky weekend away sometime end January… for those who will be away at all I’m sharing a little self-made hotel-spa experience I tried out myself during my work trip to the lake district last month (last year even!).

Obviously this doesn’t need to be a hotel or trip-away only treat, you could recreate this at home but keep in mind I’d chosen these products for their amazingly convenient travel sizes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Everything in here is 100ml or less so you can even bring them with you on a plane even if you’re not checking any luggage in!

So… without further ado, I’m going to identify what I thought were the basics of spa-days.

Firstly the ‘unpackables’, basically stuff you can’t pack with you that you just gotta hope is there, number one is a BATHTUB of course! You can arguably still have your spa day just minus the soaking in the tub bit but personally that’s my favourite bit so….

Next is a ready supply of big fluffy towels, especially a spare one to rest your head against, these are kind of packable but would be such a hassle to bring it kinda defeats the purpose of a portable spa I feel.

Now for the interesting bit… the ‘packables’!!!

1) Bath Soak – for this I chose to bring the travel version of the Mandara Spa Tropical Bloom Softening Bath Soak that I’d got in my BBB Beauty Box, the bottle’s good for a few baths so you can have more than than one spa day away!

Actually, most of the items were from the BBB Beauty Box, haha… I just received so many lovely travel-sized samples from there I couldn’t resist sticking them all in!

2) Hair – this may not be for everyone but I’ve pretty long hair and am always worried about split ends lately, so this just wouldn’t feel complete without a nourishing hair product. I took the Macademia Nourishing Leave-In Cream which I think smells divine (received it from a giveaway I wonย some time back hosted by the amazing Vicki from VickisBeauty!). You can apply it to your hair and put your hair up into a shower cap before stepping into the bath to prevent your treatment from washing out into the bath water =)

3) Exfoliant – I’m a major exfoliating fan (I need to watch out for overdoing it!) and as you can see I have not 1, not 2, but 3 exfoliating products in here!!

In my defence, the Ginvera Marveling Gel is a scrub-type (ie. physical), while the REN Glycolic is a chemical and the REN Invisible Pores is a clay mask so… they’re all different sorts of exfoliating…?

In case you’re curious, I started with the Ginvera to remove dead skin cells, followed by the Glycolic for deeper exfoliation and finally the clay mask as a tightening step as well.

4) Moisturising and Relax – This is where the Huile Sublime came in! It’s ultra-nourishing and can be used all over but I just patted it onto my face after all the exfoliating masks. It smells lovely too and just added to the pampering experience. You can of course just skip ahead to this step ๐Ÿ˜‰

5) Eyes – that little white packet in the back that says ‘Raspberry Roots’ is a lovely little eye-patch mask from a Korean brand called The Face Shop. I picked it up ages ago and never got round to trying it.

I found it pretty interesting so here’s some pictures of what it looked like inside:

I thought there was only 1 eye-patch in each packet but it turns out there's a pair!

I thought there was only 1 eye-patch in each packet but it turns out there’s a pair!

In the packet, you can see how much it's soaked in solution.

In the packet, you can see how much it’s soaked in solution.

By itself, rather transparent, very slippy!

By itself, rather transparent, very slippy!

So, finally, with my eye patches on, face oil (this is after all the exfoliating treatments by the way), hair treatment in and bath tub soak, I settled back for a short relaxing doze…

And it meant I got to bed very late that night, hehe, but I thought it was well worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰



Have you had a home-spa-day away?

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