Deal Alert – £20 Spa Day Offer!

Hello All!

Thanks to the folks over at MoneySavingExpert, we have the low-down on this great £20 Spa Day offer now on!!

This is perfect for beating those post-holiday blues (like I mentioned a few posts before, everyone in Jan seems to be wanting to look forward to the next holiday!!) and the deal is truly a good one.

Dorking Health and Beauty Centre

It comes courtesy of and some of the options for your £20 include (there are much more of course):

  • A 30min body scrub and 30min massage at  Gregorys Hair and Beauty, in Ealing, west London (a 30min massage alone is usually £25)
  • A spa day, detox back treatment and derma facial with a drink at Pace Health Club and Nu Spa in Manchester (a derma facial alone is usually £30)
  • A heat and ice experience for two with bubbly at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (usually £45 per person).

Even though it’s the cheapest, the first option sounds the most relaxing to me (I love massages!) but that last one would be the perfect birthday treat for a pal or romantic date-day away =)

Best thing is, if those locations don’t suit you, you can pair this up with the £5 rail ticket East Coast offer I posted about here!! Perfect timing! That offer has been extended by a day to Jan 10th by the way 😉 Aka. today!

So, to book you need to check out this link (an affiliated MSE link by the way, just to show them some support!), there you can find all the options available for your £20.

You’ll need to buy it before the 15th of Jan. For some options you’ll need to book dates now and for others you’ll need to buy the coupon first and redeem dates later, depending on location you get 3 to 6 months to redeem it.

Do book early as some spas have limited availability but they also say that if you really can’t make any dates at all you can refund it but I’m sure you’d rather book early and get your spa day away!! =)

To be honest, I’m already looking into booking a cheeky weekend away for the bf and myself soon.



Missing the holidays yet? 😉

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