Extra ASOS Discount Alert

Sorry this post is going up a bit late, something terrible happened (ok, I exaggerate), I got off the plane at 6am and made it back to my home in London by 8am but thought I could use a little nap as I had a meeting in the evening and I knew I’d be nodding off by then otherwise.

I didn’t set an alarm or anything as I’ve never ever suffered from jetlag, it’s always been fine for me… well, pride comes before a fall, I woke up at 7pm!! =O That’s literally what my face looked like when I woke up =O can’t describe my feelings when I woke up to complete darkness, I think I knew by then that the day had passed and I’ve so much I wanted to get done today too!! Eep!

Anyway, what I wanted to post today (I’m back-dating it to Jan 9th as it’s meant for Jan 9th but I’m so sad I’ve actually missed a day… *cries*) is about a discount code for ASOS!

I know ASOS is a huge favourite for most of us savvy online shoppers and almost everyone is buzzing about their Boxing Day sales on at the moment, which is why I didn’t post about it, I know my readers are smart enough to sale-shop like everywhere now, haha.

The code, though, makes everything much sweeter!

It’s JAN10, you add it at check-out and it’s valid till the end of the day on 13th Jan, so dash off now to get your extra discount!

If there’s something you’ve been hesitating on, now’s the time to get it (after all, you can always return it!).

Enjoy! It’s good to be back =)



Have you done all your Post-Xmas Sales Shopping yet?

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