Foodie Deal Alert – Win a Free Tastecard!

Hello Guys!

Now I know I don’t usually post about foodie deals unless it’s a Monday (if there’re good ones around I like to round them up and post them in one shot for Monday Munchies) but I think this deal deserves its own little space!

So, who’s heard of the amazing Taste Card???

Basically, it’s an amazing discount membership card just for food outlets with which you can get some wonderful 2 for 1 deals or 50% off meals, it makes eating out so much more affordable and I can attest to the great deals it gets you.

Win a tastecard membership

Loads of restaurants are on it, over 7000 in the UK (eg. Pizza Express, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Zizzi, Ask Italian, La Tasca, Strada, Me Love Sushi and Prezzo), it’s really great if you’re the type that eats out a lot.

BUT it’s not all that cheap either, it costs £79.95 for a 12-month card, I worked out that it’s worth it if you eat out say just once or twice a month but I can’t really bring myself to spend so much in one lump sum and I don’t always eat at the joints on the Tastecard, I guess if I had a higher level of disposable income and ate out loads I’d get onto this ASAP!

When I saw that Sainbury’s magazine were giving out up to 250 free 12-month Tastecard memberships I knew it was a post-worth deal, hehe, I’m sure you’ll agree with me =)

Really straightforward to sign up too, just fill out the little form at the bottom of the page here, it ends on the 26th of January so you’ve still got time but do remember to do it.

250 means the odds are average really but for a product worth around £80 each I think it’s pretty generous… also, I forgot to mention that everyone who signs up gets a 1-month Tastecard trial anyway so, hooray, win-win situation! Tastecard does do a lot of free 1-month trials though so even if you miss this deal check out their website to get your trial if you’re interested.

Hope you enjoy your Tastecard!



Have you heard of the Tastecard before?

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