Quick Lil Deal Alert – Primark £10 Voucher for £1

Hi Lovelies!

There’s loads of post-sale posts still flying around so if you haven’t checked out the sales yet I strongly urge you to as they’re looking pretty amazing =D

The only thing that can make a good sale better is, of course, a voucher to go with that sale, hehe, and I spotted this little £10 Primark voucher that you can get from The Sun for just signing up to the Sun+ service.

primark_oxford_street_carousel_1I’ve scouted around online and it seems you can’t get around signing up for the actual Sun+ service (ie. you can’t just get a code somewhere online, lol… guess they knew us online bargain hunters like to be cheeky like that!!).

There’s more info and the link to sign up for the Sun+ service over here, I can’t spot a deadline for signing up anywhere but if you’re at all interested I’d say go for it now since the sales are still on!

You will need to spend £1 to get the voucher, this is the fee for Sun+ for the first month, however there’s no minimum spend on using the Primark £10 Voucher and I assume you can use it in conjunction with sale items so it really is worth it if you were planning to go Primark shopping anyway! You’re multiplying your £1 by ten times and you get to trial Sun+ at the same time.

Down side though is that you must remember to cancel your Sun+ subscription by the end of the month in order to avoid being charged by a second, don’t forget!!! Earmark this in your diary or something!

The voucher will be sent to you in the mail, apparently it can take up to 28 days to arrive (meh… that’s a bit of a bummer), I’m hoping they’re just saying that for safety and it actually arrives earlier since Boxing Day Sale deals will be out soon. On the other hand, with the Spring fashions coming in, in a month’s time the Winter range will still be on sale (if you’re looking to stock up for next winter…?).

Hope this deal helps!



Who else is a massive Primark fan? 😉

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