Quick Lil Deal Alert – L’Oreal Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner

Happy Monday!

It’s barely into the new year and the deal alerts are coming in thick… there’s also loads of amazing online sales going on, has anyone else indulged yet? 😉

Today we have the L’Oreal Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, and L’Oreal Paris Elvive has yet to launch it in the UK it seems but they have a whole range of hair thickening products coming up (I have fine hair that’s a nightmare to volumnise so hurrah!!!) and pre-launch they’re giving some lucky people the launch to trial it all first for free.

They’ll be selecting 300 people at random to participate and while I don’t think that’s a particularly low or high number (well, I suppose it’s way better than, say, ten, which I’ve actually seen some giveaways offer! I’d rarely post about those…) I’m leaning towards recommending this because you’ll get  ‘a month’s supply’ (by which they mean a whole 400ml bottle of shampoo and also 400ml of conditioner).

Also, it’s pretty cool to be able to trial something ahead of the rest of the market, definitely sign up for this if you’re into beauty blogger/vlogger etc! =D

You till apparently also need to review the product at the end of the trial but there’s not any details on what that entails.

Anyways, click here for the registration, you’ll need to ‘sign up’ and then fill in the little registration form, very straightforward as usual.

Sign up ends on the 27th of Jan, so you’ve still got some time for this one =)



Do you have fine hair problems?

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