Great Deal Alert – £5 Tickets on East Coast Rail!

Hey Lovelies!

Right, right, holiday season is just over (ever notice how people seem to be just a tad bit more depressed in the office on 2nd Jan?) so I’ll bet everyone’s thoughts are already turning to… when’s the next holiday??

I know loads of people cope by looking forward to something (for those who are spiritual it’s often a concept of an afterlife of some sort), I think it’s only human to do so, and if you’re looking for the next weekend trip away to help you get over the post holiday blues look no further than East Coast Rail because a great deal popped into my inbox the other day!!

Basically, they’re running a 7-Day January sale on tickets to select destinations and tickets can be as low as £5 per way in Standard class and, omg, £20 for First-Class tickets?! YES PLEASE!

So really, there’s options for a uber-budget weekend away as well as a very mini-splurge to let yourself feel more ‘treated’ 😉

Here are more details I picked up:

– Locations include tickets between: London/Yorkshire, London/Northeast, London/Edinburgh.

It seems kinda restricted to/from London but if you live near London it could be worth taking a megabus to London and then a train from London somewhere else =) Or if you live in the North, pop down to London for the weekend and maybe head from London to someplace like Oxford where it’s more peaceful!

– They only have sale tickets for travelling between 17th Jan and 28th March 2014, so it’s pretty soon! Take the weather into account…

– You need to book by 9th Jan and it’s only based on availability so get booking.

Check out the East Coast page here for all the details =)

I honestly think it’s a great deal, the boyfriend and I are already booking our tickets for a weekend away in York =D I went to uni there and it’s so lovely, I can’t recommend it enough!



Where would you want to go?

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