I can’t believe it’s already been almost 6 months since the blog started! Well, 5 and a half to be precise but that’s close enough by my book.

It’s been a challenge at times making sure I update at least once a day but it’s something that I’ve also really enjoyed doing and for some strange reason I’ve even been more disciplined on this blog than I have with creative writing assignments, funny!!! As a producer I’m used to chasing artistes and never ever trusting them with deadlines, as an artiste I kind of expect to be chased and reminded of deadlines so I’m always a little slack (lol) but I’ve managed to keep myself bang on track with Parsimonious Penny so I’ll give myself a little pet on the head for that 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t upload more pics and videos till I’m back with my laptop >_< LE SIGH. But watch this space for updates!!

Did you know there's loads of seals on Fisherman's Wharf??? It was too dark to take a picture of them when I saw them but they're so noisy, there must've been like a hundred of them barking away. My heart went out to them a bit on New Year's Eve because I imagine the fireworks must've made them go ballistic!!! =S

To end off, I feel I've harped on enough recently about how much I appreciate my readers (even if there's only 1 of you!!!) and how I love connecting with people via this blog, so enough about that… But I'm sincerely looking forward to 2014 with you all in my life =)

Okay, enough cheese.


3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

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