Boxing Day = Shopping Shopping Shopping!

Heyy everyone!!

Happy Boxing Day!!

Despite how much Christmas means to some, I know for a fact that to others it’s Boxing Day that’s the all-important day of the year, because it means incredible bargains and sales!! 😉 😉

I’ll be missing the London Boxing Day sales this year but my mum tells me the sales in San Francisco are good too… So my fingers are crossed for a good haul to share with you guys!!!

But first, we need to get shopping! So here’s a few tips to increase your ‘Boxing Day shopping efficiency’ 😉

1) First of all, if you’re headed to the streets to get your shopping done, rule number one: FORGET THE CHANGING ROOMS.

I’ve mentioned this in my Primark shopping guide too. Changing room lines can be killer and with 28 return policies you really don’t need to waste the time on them. Obviously check the returns policy first!

I suggest wearing dark leggings and a black camisole under your outfit, that increases the number of items you can just try on on the shop floor while maintaining your decency (lol). If it’s something you absolutely cannot try on in public (ie a bodycon dress), guess-timate your 2 most likely sizes and get them both, then try them at home. Why 2? Because you’ll never be able to justify having 2 of the same dresses so there’s oodles of motivation to make sure you do return at least 1 of them, lol! Even if you would be too lazy to return the one item that just kinda fits 😉

2) Triple-check the item

Stuff on the sales floor get mauled about a lot so check it before you buy it to avoid having to return something that you didn’t have to return!

Sometimes, you can even get an extra discount for a damaged item 😉 it’s up to you to decide if the damage is trivial enough to still check the item out.

3) Be Prepared

Don’t just head out, think of at least 3 to 5 key items you’d definitely want to add to your wardrobe first so your sales-searching will have a purpose, otherwise it’s 99.9% likely that you’ll be attracted by every other thing out there but you won’t come back with something you’d actually wear on a daily basis!

This also helps you keep in mind what you really don’t need to buy, which is just as important of course! 😉

With the havoc there’ll be on the streets, you should also have in mind the top 3 stores you’d want to visit and make a beeline to them or you’ll run out of time just fighting your way through the crowds.

4) Be Harsh

Be harsh when scanning the racks and be harsh when you’ve got the item home and are trying it on. If it doesn’t fit perfectly or isn’t just what you were looking for, then either don’t buy it or return it. You don’t need it if it isn’t perfect but there’s so many options out there 😉

5) The Online Option

Don’t like crowds or can’t make it out today? Go ONLINE!

I love online shopping, especially with the generous return policies many etailers now offer!

Do remember to be quick as average sizes will sell out extra quick. The same rules with regards to targeting items/stores also apply to online shopping and you should make extensive use of the categorising options (ie. narrow your search down to garment type or colour if you know you’re only looking for, say, red dresses).

Check the delivery times and returns policy of course =)

I’d recommend ASOS as having the easiest returns policy and Boohoo for the best budget friendly site. H&M and Motel have the best online store of all the high street fashion retailers I believe followed by Dorothy Perkins (more confusing returns policy, watch out!) but you can also get high-street favourites Topshop and Urban Outfitters =)

Hope that’s been helpful!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s hauls!!! =D it’s kinda just as fun as shopping itself, isn’t it? It’s like when you go shopping with your girlfriends and you all look through each other’s bags at the end of the trip and model your own purchase for each other hehe.

Wishing you the best of Hauls!



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