Merry Christmas from Vegas!


Merry Christmas from Vegas!!

That’s the view of Vegas from the plane by the way =D

Well, actually by the time you read this I’m probably in San Francisco as we’re taking a morning flight out.

Vegas isn’t the most ‘wholesome’ or family-friendly sort of place to spend Christmas so it’s a little strange I ended up holidaying with my parents there this year but as I’ve mentioned before culturally my family just doesn’t really celebrate Christmas. To me it’s significant mainly due to religious reasons but my parents aren’t religious at all. A tip for those of you willing to spend Christmas in Vegas… It’s a great time to be here because the place isn’t busy at all! Everyone’s home for Christmas! But the weeks right after Christmas, especially New Year’s, is going to be jam packed and crowded…

Anyway I digress!

I meant today’s post to just be a short Merry Christmas kinda post, Christmas to me is about love, not as in ‘Love Actually’ but more love as it’s actually intended to be. I say this because Christmas originates from Christ Mass, so mass (or church service) for Jesus Christ. Christ ought to be the single, greatest symbol of sacrificial love known to mankind in the purest interpretation of Christianity (sadly the aims and motives of religion always get perverted, don’t they?). Of course whether you’re Christian or not the roots of Christmas can still apply and you can take the holiday to mean ‘love’ to you which is better than it just being another commercial mid-winter holiday, right?? =)

Actually, love is meant to be unconditional, and we don’t love anyone for any reason other than that they are them and we are us (like how our parents just love us because we are us, their children, and they are them, our parents). But sadly I feel I love people mainly because of reasons, for example: he/she is fun to be around, I feel comfortable with them, they’re so thoughtful/considerate/etcetc. Love is meant to be about serving, not gaining, and that’s hard for me to fully understand.

To keep it short and get to the point, I want to say I love all of you readers!!! I can’t say with sincerity I love the whole world (lol) but I’ll start by loving all you readers, no matter where/who you are and am always happy to answer an email/comment no matter what it’s about =) I really try to mean it whenever I sign off with ‘love’.

I also love all the blogs I read/follow of course!!! Sorry if I haven’t been as active commenting/reading lately as it’s been an absolutely crazy month >_< but I'm always thinking happy, pleasant thoughts for you all, blogging has been amazing fun and meeting/connecting to people has been the best thing about it =)

Okay, everyone has their Christmas to get back to so let’s end off with a MERRY CHRISTMAS =D


Ps: to end, here’s another few pics of Vegas but at night! Xx



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