Twas the Night before Christmas – Eve Prep

Hello Everyone!

Oooo, by the time you read this we’re just one day away from Christmas *excites*.

So, what is Christmas prep you ask? Could I mean preparing our skin for Christmas, seeing as it’s going to be a 48-hour gorge-fest of turkey, roast potatoes, puddings and mulled wine plus possibly lots of over-stimulation, excitement, some stress and too-little sleep?

Or could I mean preparing the perfect Christmas outfit or the perfect makeup/look/hair for the big Christmas day?

Or maybe I’m going to go down the mushy route and talk about how to prepare ourselves spiritually for Christmas?

Actually, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this except that I knew I wanted to write about Christmas prep and here I am, writing about writing about Christmas prep. Hmm. Well, it’s a start.

So here’s a few quick tips on Christmas Prep =) basically ways to maximise your Christmas and make the big day you’ve probably been anticipating all year live up to what you’ve been expecting!


Okay this is more for kids than us mature folks who know better than to stay up the night before a big day ahem or do we?

I personally know I’d get cranky and be yearning for bed by mid afternoon if I don’t get a good night’s sleep and what a waste of a Christmas that would be!!

If celebrations at your house start earlier then get your beauty sleep even earlier.

Make sure this sleep is also ‘rest’ in the sense that you get mentally calm as that is just as important!

2) Pamper Your Skin + Mind

With all the junk you’ll be downing (oh yes you will!!) and all the extra exciting stimulus you’ll be going through on the day, chances are your skin will be taking a beating and if you don’t want that to take its toll in the New Year, take precautionary measures!

Christmas Eve is a great day to do some moisturising and nourishing. Be nice to it 😉 and your hair, come to think of it, do a super rich conditioning!

As for your mind, let’s take the same analogy. Just like how you want to nourish your skin, nourish your mind by not only letting it relax but fill it with pleasant thoughts, avoid anything stressful if possible and concentrate on thinking of the things you love about Christmas (stop worry about, say, turkey).

3) No Whips and Chains

Right that sounds dodgy but what I really mean is try to avoid deep cleansing or a treatment that’s really harsh on the skin! Last thing you want is a few new pimples surfacing after a deep cleanse on Christmas morning or your skin reacting badly, uh-oh!!!

But this extends to your mind too, put those harsh thoughts away! This needs to be done a day early, otherwise when you’re surrounded by annoying relatives by the dozen chances are you just won’t be able to stop those harsh words and annoyances bubbling over/spilling out. Even if you do manage to keep it in, it isn’t a very great feeling having that in your heart!

4) Reflect

Think, why? What does Christmas mean to you? To me, it’s not really a big family thing as that’s not in my culture but it is a religious thing and that makes Christmas important to me =) but that also makes me see Christmas as a time to love everyone as much as I feel Christ loves me (so that’s regardless of whether these people I love love me back or not).

What makes Christmas important to you? If you’re still wondering about what to wear, how to do your makeup, how you’re going to spend Christmas Day… I suspect the answer to this question will provide all the other answers you’ll need =)

I hope this helped! I love you all and hope everyone has an amazing Christmas Day!!!


Ps: apologies for a very simple looking post, it’s typed on my phone in a hotel room haha… Will try to run around the hotel lobby later to get some wifi to upload this on!!


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