GGUGGG – Present Presentation

Happy Day Before Christmas Eve!

It’s time for another Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift-Giving post!

Can I call it Christmas Eve Eve? But then where does it stop??

Anyway, at this point I’m guessing you’ve either got all your presents sorted or you’re giving up (or you’re going with the ingenious idea of subscription boxes that I mentioned yesterday!).

If you’ve actually got everything all together (whow, I’m impressed, since I’m away for Christmas I’m actually going to be giving some people presents after the New Year… is that terrible of me?) then now’s the time to worry about presentation! See what I did there? Punny, eh? 😉

But wait a minute!!! After spending hours worrying, considering, thinking and finally buying the presents… now we’ve got to wrap them?! Even when it’s going to end up like this anyway:

Unwrapped Christmas Presents

Time to cry over the hours spent wrapping…

Actually, no!

Forgot wrapping, I hardly ever wrap anything. By ‘Present Presentation’ I mean, well, ‘presenting’, especially in a way that will avoid any wrapping whatsoever. Because if you’re like me and like to tear the wrapping off (peeling it off cautiously and saving it is just… un-fun) then wrapping presents just leads to waste-generation.

So, to present presents in a presentable way (I’m loving this) there’re a few things you can use that can help you, and the best thing about all of these is that they’re totally reusable to the person you’ve gifted the item to, unlike wrapping paper, which is only reusable if you un-fun-ly peel off the wrapping and if you happen to gift an item that’s exactly the same size/shape…

1) A Pretty Gift Plastic/Paper Bag

Arguably the most important component! Even just this would be enough, simply pop the present in and seal the top with some clear tape, simple, stress-free… and I chose these bags as examples because they kinda look like bags you’d get if you ever bought some fancy chocolates or an expensive piece of clothing.

That’s the thing, it doesn’t need to be a gift bag bought from a gift store, look around the house and see if you’ve already got a nice bag that you could use as a gift bag! Save the earth and all.

2) Gift Pouch

You’ve gotta love these little pretty cloth-pouch things!! If you’re gifting a necklace or perhaps a couple of items together, you don’t really want it just loose and rattling in a bag, so just pop it into a pouch!

Again, no need to buy one, have a search and see if any of your jewellery/makeup ever came in a pouch/drawstring bag, chances are you have a couple laying around somewhere neglected in the back of a drawer or storage cupboard. Failing this, if it’s jewellery you’re gifting another alternative is to package it into an old jewellery box but that can be confusing if there’s a brand name on the box and the jewellery you’re gifting isn’t from that brand…

3) A Card

These Muji pop-out flower cards are by FAR my favourite ever! They’re £5 which is a bit of a splurge to me on a card but it’s just so unexpected and unique, it really jazzes up a present I think. You can even pick a flower to suit a person – cheerful geranium? Elegant/classy rose?

The card is what makes things personal when it comes to a gift and is also what helps people remember who the gift came from… seriously that can be a problem! I remember when I had my 21st birthday my friends were all sweet enough to bring a little something for me but most of them didn’t even write their name on their present or gave me their cards separately…

Funny story, after unwrapping everything I’d found out that I’d gotten 2 purses that were exactly the same. The next day I was telling my cousin (I’m really close to my cousins) about it and he laughingly said, ‘hah, what losers, can’t believe they gave you the same present, whoever they are!’. He then asked what it was and I said it was a purse and described it, at which points his face completely fell because my cousins had clubbed together to give me one of the purses. Haha…

But I digress…

4) Pretty Bits and Bobs

Right, these are entirely optional and depend on what you have laying around your house…

You can tie a pretty little ribbon around the strings of the plastic/paper bag, or perhaps stuff the bag with tissue (always ‘poshes up’ a gift, doesn’t it?), I know some people who’re fond of sticking stickers on every available surface so you can decorate that way as well… all entirely optional, so no stress if you aren’t the sort to have craft bits and bobs laying around, I sure am not!

Finally, here’s an example of a gift I gave to a dear friend recently for her birthday:

Side A

Side A

Side B

Side B

I know it looks entirely the same but there’re actually two eye palettes in there and Picture A has the MUA Undressed Palette facing up and Picture B has the Glitterball palette. I’ve actually mentioned both those palettes in one of my previous GGUGGG posts, the friend in question loves eye makeup and so that led me to hunting these down in half the Superdrugs in London… not easy but well worth it!!

As you can see, I paired it with the rose Muji card (I wrote in it after taking the picture so my terrible handwriting wouldn’t spoil the photo!), put the palettes into a pretty gold pouch I had in my gift-pouch drawer (yes, I actually put all my potential gift presentation things together in one drawer…) and popped the lot into a paper bag. Not a very pretty paper bag sadly but I was hoping the pouch could make up for that.

I also had a mini bottle of Ruby Port that I’d brought back from Portugal as souvenirs for friends and I thought it’d make a nice little addition.

So there you have it! Hopefully your efforts and thought will shine through in whatever gift you gift over the Holiday Season =)



What kind of unwrapper are you? =)

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