GGUGGG – Last Minute Gifts You Can Still Get!!!

Happy Sunday!

Wait, it’s Sunday the 22nd, the day before the day before Christmas Eve and you still haven’t sorted out all those presents?! =O

That’s okay, I totally feel ya.

Thing is, this is where online shopping fails us, as it just won’t get to you in time (even if a retailer says it can get to you by tomorrow, don’t risk it, what if it doesn’t?! how embarrassing to explain would that be??).

So there’s no choice, you’ll have to get wrapped up and head out to Christmas shop, facing the cold and, even worse, crazy hordes of late-minute Christmas shoppers who are as equally frenetic and desperate as you are… or do you?

If you’re in this predicament and wondering if there’s a good way out of this mess while still delivering a great Christmas present, I’m here to give you your answer in this latest instalment of wonderfully named gift-guide series: Gift Guide for the Un-Gifted in Gift Giving, or GGUGGG =D

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift...

Ah, that elusive perfect Christmas Gift again… you can still get it!!!

What is this gift that you can buy from the comfort of your own home, will be a lovely gift anyone would love to get, will be delivered instantly and don’t even require wrapping in most cases? The answer’s so simple you just might give yourself a bonk on the head with a giant candy cane…

Nope, it’s not gift vouchers or money… although I know people who would love either of those I also know people who would invariably hate receiving anything like that. Likewise for flipping open your laptop on Christmas Day and offering to buy someone something then and there (this would only work if you already know what you want to get and it’s something you know they want/would love but you just want to give them the option of choosing the exact colour or specs or something).

It’s *drum-roll please?* – subscription boxes.

I really love subscription boxes, they’re what I call ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ because if you buy a subscription of more than one then everytime they receive that box in the mail it’s like getting a whole other gift all over again!!

Okay, I’m sure some of you have considered this before, I can’t claim total credit for originality on this, but have you considered just how unique these can actually be?!

Let me just go through some subscription box gift ideas I’ve considered (and half of which I’ve also actually bought for people either last year or this year):

Graze Box

This is an amazing box of 4 healthy snack treats that can be delivered as often as you’d like, you can easily buy a subscription for, say, 5 boxes (that’s decent, right?). Ideal for healthy-food-type people, busy working people who never eat, students who snack way too much and almost anyone really!

Nowadays Graze also offers morning porridge boxes and boxes for children, options are being more endless, woot.


A beauty box! There’s actually tons of other beauty box subscriptions out there but I’ve done my research and read loads of reviews before buying a 3-month subscription for a dear friend so I think I can safely and confidently say I would recommend this one above all the others. These come once a month and if a 3 month subscription is too pricey maybe just get 1 month! Or you can always just buy the Christmas edition box (I prefer buying a monthly box though, it’s more exciting to let them customise their profile and for them to get a surprise gift in that sense! Ideal for the ladies 😉 especially the beauty junkie.

On a related note, I hear the Miss Glossybox isn’t bad if you’re shopping for a teen, it comes every other month and has teenage-focused makeup/skincare products. Worth considering if you’re buying for someone 16 and under.

Hello Fresh

I will admit, the constant Hello Fresh ads in YouTube made me severely annoyed at them but I wanted to order a couple month’s fresh food boxes or even a Christmas meal box for 2 dear friends who I know will be staying in by themselves on Christmas day and Hello Fresh had the best options of all the sites I trawled through…

This is really ideal for health nuts who like to cook for themselves, or for those friends who love practical gifts more than anything else (what could be more practical than food?!).


If cooking isn’t their thing, buy them a meal! I’ve definitely mentioned the great deals that Ilumi does sometimes, they’ve got a few more on right now so check them out =) You can get amazing freshly cooked curries in packets that can be warmed up or other mouth-watering dishes like slow cooked pork, mmmMMMmmmm.

I’ve used this for date nights in before, never regretted it so far =) Not exactly very cheap but I feel the food is slightly cheaper than going out for a meal but is restaurant quality food.

Food is also all guaranteed to be gluten free, which is a god-send to those picky eaters!

Not Another Bill

This is probably going to fit the bill for everything that doesn’t fit in the above!!!

Not Another Bill sends your friend a surprise gift in the mail every month and you can choose if the gift is: Jewellery, Stationary, Homeware, Men’s Items, Arts and Crafts etc. etc. You get to pick 3 categories from which a gift will be randomly selected each month. The gifts will always be different and they tend to source from really unique indie brands/artists.

Buy a 3 month subscription for that friend who you just don’t know what to get for and it’s like you’re getting them 3 gifts (well, you are), surely one of the gifts must be good?! And I personally would love just the thrill of receiving something every month =)

If you get to see the friend you’re gifting to on Christmas day, just print out the info and slip it into a pretty Christmas card, otherwise do what I do… drop it in an email with ‘Do not open till Xmas Day!‘ in bold in the subject heading, hahaha.

And if you’re still not sure which box to get, maybe check out part 1 of my Gift Guide series!

What do you guys think?



Have you bought someone a box for Christmas?

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