Last Minute Christmas Gift Bargains

Happy Saturday!

So, it’s officially the last weekend before Christmas and you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet???

Fear not! I’ve spotted some amazing deals that just might save you in time…

Firstly, Marks and Spencer’s are doing an amazing 50% off Beauty Gifts, it’s also 50% off of Christmas Gifts/Items and 30% off women’s, men’s and kid’s stuff. There’s actually quite a few useful things in the Christmas section, like half price wrapping paper and crackers but let’s concentrate on the fun stuff, shall we?

In the Beauty section, there’s loads of options, I’ve spotted lots of weekend-bag-type travel sets (who doesn’t love a good one) and plenty of items come in at under £5 too with the half price offer on *win*! There’s skincare, bath + body and even makeup sets in there, even spotted one skincare set for men (notoriously hard to shop for apparently).

On a related note, how gorgeous does the monogrammed Downton Abbey lipgloss set look??

Downton Abbey LipglossThese are just £4.75 and there’s also bath sets and nail sets at a similar price range, or you could splash out and get Luxury Bath and Body Collection for £24.75. Perfect gift for an older female relative I’d say!

Whatever it is, I suggest you browse quick and buy quick from the Beauty section, just yesterday they still had some amazing value Roger and Gallet sets which are now all out of stock as everyone else is probably also Christmas shopping online in a panicked frenzy.

Over in the Christmas Gifts section you’ll find jewellery, cuff-links, novelty items and Christmas themed homeware.

What you pick out is really dependant on the taste of the recipient when it comes to jewellery, doesn’t it? But my favourite gift here is this adorable looking camera-shaped flask (£7.50):

Camera FlaskAnd for the homeware nothing says classy as much as this prettily decorated wineglass for £3.75…

Gold Leaf GlassAlthough it’s worth noting that a pretty wineglass deserves to be used in company, so if you’re getting that as a present, get 2 😉

Right, moving on from Marks and Spencer, Hereforaday is also have a clearance on their Christmas gift store!

They seriously sell all sorts, from electronics, to beauty, to clothes, to luggage and even a (I kid you not) Justin Bieber singing toothbrush for £3.99!! Best joke secret Santa gift ever!!!

My top picks would be the Sanctuary stuff they have on offer though, with bath soaks down to £3.99 from £10.25 but probably the best offer I can spot is the Liz Arden Red Door Shimmer perfume that’s now £15.99 from £39.99, such a pretty bottle and it’s more than 50% off!!

Hope you’ve fun with the weekend shopping =) I’ve a flight to catch with my parents this evening… in total, as we’re leaving from Singapore, it’ll take us around 27 hours to get to San Francisco where we’ll be staying at the airport hotel for a night before hopping on a plane to Vegas… would much rather be home shopping, LOL! Oh well, airplane movies here I come!!



Eep, done your Xmas shopping yet??

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