Quick Lil Bargain Alert – Bodyshop 50% Off!!

Hi Guys!

A little late with today’s post, I’m in Singapore at the moment briefly before heading off to USA in a few days, it was a good plane ride =)

BodyshopAnyway, the deal is a 50% off voucher code for The Bodyshop! I honestly really love these as you can usually use them even on sale items and it really gives you an amazing saving.

It’s available for use in-store and online as well, which is handy seeing as some of us might not have time to pop down to the stores before the code expires. In fact, it’s only valid till Thursday (so till midnight today!!) so for those of you who are Bodyshop fans I urge you to shop, like, now! If you’re reading this too late though, there’s another code I’ve spotted on their website which is a £15 off for a £30 spend!

The deal is brought to you by Voucher Codes (a site I’ve mentioned before) and the links below are the links by MoneySavingExpert (a site I’ve mentioned dozens of times before!!), I’m using their links as I know click-throughs via their links help their site and it really is an amazing site =) If you love a bargain as much as I do they’re indispensable!

So, for the online code click here and to print out the in-store voucher click here.

Apparently it’s too late now for pre-Christmas delivery but you can still treat yourself, online delivery is free after £5 which is a really low minimum spend and pretty amazing!!

If you’ve time to pop to the todays like today then you can still pick up that gift set as a Christmas present 😉

The £15 code I mentioned is 19805, that’s off a £30 spend =) Also, to make things better, for every purchase online if you add the code ‘BUTTER‘ you’ll get a free butter and scrub worth £16!

Happy Body-Shopping!!



Do you love The Bodyshop? =D

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