H & M Sale + Top Picks!

Hello my lovelies!

Well, seems like some retailers are jumping the Boxing Day Sales gun and H&M is one of them! No complaints from me, because I’ve spotted some amazing deals =D

The sale is on both in-store and online, a browse online found some of my favourite picks and the best part is, about every size is still available! Which is a miracle since I usually only manage to find the very littlest or the very largest sizes on sale =(

First up, is this black lace dress!

H&M Lace Dress

An LBD is always going to be classic and the lace adds a touch more elegance to it, you could definitely accessorise this up (gold accents? Or red heels?) for that New Year’s Eve party. However, despite the plunging neckline at first it seemed just a bit frumpy… until I saw the back:

H&M Lace Dress BackI love that back! I love low-backed dresses in general, I just lack the courage to actually wear them (lol).

If you’re after something a bit more daytime-pretty than evening-class, then there’s this pretty little number:

H&M Blue White Dress I love the colour-scheme, the pattern is also quite adorable but best of all is the flattering cut, probably more flattering than the black lace dress but then again it has to be since white can be harsh otherwise!

Might not be very ‘winter’ colours but I’m thinking ahead to Spring now 😉

Finally, if you’re just looking for something really casual and everyday here’s a great addition to your wardrobe:

H&M Shirt Dress It’s a shirt-dress, seems a tad short but would look good cinched and paired with leggings, a plain cardigan and maybe a big chunky necklace. Almost everyone I know has at least a couple of checked shirts in their closet these days and it’s pretty much become a wardrobe staple, hasn’t it?

You can browse more in the sale here, there’s of course loads more to look at in the Men’s Department and Children’s, and of course the Women’s Sale actually has more than just dresses, I just tend to gravitate towards them and love looking through those, hence this dress-heavy post!

Happy Shopping!!



What are your top picks? =)

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