Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Soap and Glory Serum

Hello everyone =)

So, fantastic deal today, a completely free sample that posts direct to your door no less and it’s from Soap & Glory! What’s not to love?

Soap and Glory Youth Serum

Soap & Glory are giving away their Make Yourself Youthful Super Serum, it’s an it’s an anti-wrinkle-serum-and-moisturiser-in-one that claims to be ‘jam-packed with potent anti-ageing plant peptides’.

Their bottom line is that they’re giving these away so you can see for yourself what the hype is about, I love that because try-before-you-buy is really the way to go! Sadly, the sample is only 3ml, not complaining at all but just pointing out that I don’t think that’d be enough for me to figure out if an anti-aging serum is really working or not!! But I guess what you can figure out is if you like the smell/texture and if your skin reacts badly to it or not.

Very simple to enter, just head over to their Facebook page and enter your details, you don’t even need to ‘like’ their Facebook page first, such a straight-forward deal, the best kind really! As usual, allow up to 28 days for delivery.

In addition, you’ll also get a £5 off their skincare range to be used with a minimum spend of £20 either in-store or online, that’s a 25% discount so that’s pretty handy 😉

By the way, the 3ml sample in itself is already worth £2!

One thing, they only have 5000 samples to give away which, knowing their popularity, will go away fast so get going now-now-now!



Have you tried the Soap & Glory Serum before?

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