Boots 12 Days of Christmas!

Happy Sunday!

As you read this I’ll probably be half-dead because today’s our church’s annual Christmas Service (we have it early since London basically shuts down on Christmas day!) and I’ll be busy trying to coordinate the Christmas drama.

What I love most is getting people involved in it, at the heart of it everyone loves to contribute to a production and though not everyone wants to do it for a career it’s always fun to have a casual taste of what it’s like to all collaborate in something creative =) Which I think brings glory to God because if there is a God surely He’s pretty creative… (the platypus?!).

Sadly, this blog is getting less creative over the Christmas period thanks to the multitude of Christmas-related offers there are for me to blog about… it seems everything is just ‘Christmas-Christmas-Christmas’, isn’t it?

Boots 12 Days 2013

The Boots 12 Days of Christmas Offers

 Anyway, today is about Boots again!! In the run-up to Christmas, they’re doing a series of 12-Days of Christmas Offers with a different offer every day!

This reminds me… when exactly are these 12 days of Christmas?? Some people start them on the 1st of December, which then leaves the 13th till Christmas Day empty… or do you start the 12 days in the run-up to Christmas? Actually, in the song the 12 days start on Christmas day, but I suppose marketing-wise (ie. in terms of getting people to shop before Christmas and not after, when boxing day sales are on anyway) it’s better to try and get these 12 days in before Christmas…

Sorry, back to the Boots 12 Days Offers.

So far Boots’ 12 Days offers has seen some great deals, such as a half-price on Imedeen bundles on Day One (Imedeen can be pretty pricey!) and also some pretty ‘meh’ offers, like a 15% off £100 spend on baby products (well, perhaps it’s a great offer to parents but £100 is a steep minimum spend!!).

It’s anyone’s guess whether the remaining days will be great or not but it’s probably worth to keep an eye on the Boots 12 Days page and check back daily anyway because, well, why not! They might be offering a discount on that thing you really want to get someone for Christmas! =D

Which reminds, I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping yet and I’m flying off on Tuesday, I’m terribly at gift-buying! I know what I want to get, I just haven’t gotten them…

Wish me luck! I’ll need it.



Have you finished your Christmas shopping???

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