John Frieda Christmas Wishlist

Hey All!

Happy Weekend =) Hurrah, it’s finally here!!

Sorry for all the posts being Christmas-giveaway related these days, there’s just so many giveaways up and running and I’m trying to screen out the best ones as much as possible!

Today I’m bringing to you the amazing John Frieda Christmas Wishlist!

Christmas Wishlist John Frieda

Basically, John Frieda are running a 12-day Christmas Giveaway, sort of 12 Days of Christmas themed, and each day they’re featuring a different gift set to give away. They’re giving 20 of these away a day and while that’s not a lot over 12 days it amounts to 240 products, which isn’t bad!

They seem to be pairing a random mini-set of their product each day plus an additional gift thrown in for funsies. For example:

Christmas Wishlist John Frieda 1

This was Day One’s theme!

We’re not on Day Five, so you’ve plenty more days to get involved!

As I mentioned before, it’s only 20 a day so chances aren’t high unless you enter every day, just so you know it’ll probably be worth following this one through if you decide you’d like to give it a go!

If you like John Frieda products, definitely give it a go 😉 I don’t know much about their products but I’ve given a friend a sample of their Go Blonder shampoo before (apparently it worked slightly, I think it probably works better if you use it regularly of course) and I hear their Frizz Ease is amazing. I really love that they’re throwing in addition gifts too!

Entering is really simple, first ‘like’ their Facebook page here and then fill in your details, it’s very straightforward!

Good luck everyone!!



Have you bought any of the Star Gifts so far?

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