Boots Star Gift #11 Dec 13 – Soap and Glory the Yule Monty Set

Happy Happy Friday and Hurrah for the Weekend!

I’m so incredibly tired, not yet rested from the trip to the Lake District and I’m already facing a tough job of filming/editing/rehearsing for our church Christmas play this Sunday *eep*, then I’m flying off to spend Christmas with family next Tuesday.

I do somehow wish that I could have, say, 2 full weeks’ rest from everything and anything – y’know, just a holiday with nothing on my mind! But I know it wouldn’t work out like that, I tend to fill up any spare time with work so I only have myself to blame really.

But on with the Star Gift Post! Which I know you’re all waiting eagerly for 😉

In fact, this week’s gift is the very eagerly anticipated (yes, you guessed it, it’s finally here) amazing Soap and Glory bundle set – the Soap and Glory Yule Monty Set!!!


The much-anticipated Soap and Glory bundle!

Down to £27 from £60 (that’s pretty amazing, I have to agree), the set includes:

  • Hand Food hand cream (125ml)
  • Sugar Crush body wash (500ml)
  • The Righteous Butter body butter (300ml)
  • Peaches and Clean cleanser (200ml)
  • Heel Genius foot cream (125ml)
  • Butter Yourself body lotion (500ml)
  • The Scrub of your Life body buffer (200ml)
  • Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss (10ml)
  • Thick and Fast super volume mascara (10ml)
  • Cosmetic bag

As all the products are Soap and Glory’s best-sellers (especially the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss, how funny is that name?), this set seems to be labelled a must-have for any Soap and Glory lover and a must-gift to anyone who you know is a Soap and Glory lover! They’ll love you for life.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the brand, I must admit that it’s a really comprehensive set! The bag itself would be incredibly helpful on holiday but the products used all together would give you the pamper session of your life.

Word of advice though, almost every other site seems to have put this info up a day or two early and everyone’s advising buyers to get in there quick if they want it because stocks will go fast. If you like this, no time to deliberate unfortunately, either get online at or dash to your nearest Boots to get it because it will sell out!!!

Even if there’s just a product or two you want from it, the deal definitely makes it worth it for you to buy the whole set, you can always gift the other products in it individually or in sets or two’s/three’s, that’d make a lovely gift by itself!

Whow, now we officially only have ONE Star Gift left to go before Christmas day! =D



Have you bought any of the Star Gifts so far?

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5 thoughts on “Boots Star Gift #11 Dec 13 – Soap and Glory the Yule Monty Set

  1. I ❤ Soap and Glory products. I love their pink packaging, funny names, and their scent. What a great set this is! I hope Santa gets it for you! =)

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