Super Facialist by Una Brennan Giveaway

Hello All!

I’m going to try and get through all the giveaways this week so you guys have as much time as possible during the month to enter them all!!! =D

Today’s is the Easy Living Magazine December beauty giveaway-a-day, where they’re featuring the amazing Super Facialist brand by Una Brennan! I must say, I’m impressed, I’ve hardly ever heard of Easy Living but they must know their skincare, I recall just a few months ago they did a Pai skincare giveaway!

Anyway, onward-ho.


In case you’re unaware, Superfacialist is a skincare brand launched by Una Brennan, one of the most accomplished facialist and skincare specialist in the UK. I always do tend to trust products developed by professional users a lot more… another example being the Real Techniques brush range by make-up artist Sam Chapman.

This month’s giveaway includes items such as the much-raved about double cleanse products: Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Facial Oil and the Rose Hydrate Calming Creamy Cleanser, both of which have been positively reviewed by Ruth Crilly before (slightly proud to admit that my skincare shopping list these days is pretty much semi-dictated by whatever gets a thumbs up from amodelrecommends…). The oil will be given away on the 25th and the cleanser on the 29th, so mark your dates if you’re eyeing those!

Unlike most brands, Superfacialist don’t seem to have a ‘best-selling products’ page nor can I confidently identify which are their most-loved products in general… however it seems the ranges are specifically catered for certain types of skincare concerns: the Rose products are aimed for sensitive skin, Tea Flower for deep cleansing and mattifying, Neroli for plumping/firming and the Vitamin C for anti-ageing/smoothing.

Probably you could identify your particular concern and check the giveaway page here for which day you should enter for the product you want =)

To enter click here and fill in your details etc. Psst, the answer is shellfish… 😉

All the best, and I hope you win something!



Have you tried the Superfacialist brand before?

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