Free Bourjois Cosmetics with Bourjois Advent Calender

Hi All!

Sorry for the late post today, it feels good to be back home again after a hectic couple of days away at the Lake District.

It was an incredibly busy (I felt I hardly got any sleep!) yet amazing time, the hotel they put us up in was so great, I still can’t believe. By the 2nd morning I was so tired (what with the early starts and late nights) but I dragged myself out of bed because I was determined to use the pool at least once! It was worth it =) They even had an outdoor hot-tub! One day I’ll do a proper review with pictures… I promise…

But not today, because I’ve another great deal for you that I’ve just spotted!

Bourjois Advent Calender

Right, hands up who loves Bourjois?? I’d say the top products from them that people rave the most about are their cream blushes and the healthy mix foundation, but they do pretty decent lip products and mascara too.

So it’s lovely that they’re making our festive season a little bit more festive/exciting with their Bourjois Advent Calendar!

Every day till, you stand a chance to win a Bourjois product, there’s a total of 130 products to be given away so that’s not bad odds… not as amazing as the big Stella Beauty giveaway I posted about a couple days ago but still not bad odds 😉

To play, just visit the Bourjois Advent Calender facebook page and click ‘like’, then just check back daily to click on the advent square for that day to stand a chance to win the day’s product!

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to find out which products are given out for which days… the nice thing, though, is that you’ll find out straightaway if you’ve won =) You can invite more friends to the game on fb to play more than once per day.

Have fun and I hope you win something good!



What’s your favourite Bourjois product??

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