Review – L’Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel

Helloooo Everyone!

By the time you read this I might be on my train back from the Lake District, goodness gracious it’s like a 4-hour journey…

I’ll be getting back to London pretty late and there’s also bible group tonight so busy-busy day, don’t think I’ll be home till close to midnight and I know I’ll be dead beat but extremely happy to be home. Do you ever get the feeling sometimes that you just want to thank God that you’re home? Simple things.

Also, at this point I’m writing this on Saturday night before the Lake District of course so I’ve no idea how it’ll be (I’m heading there for something work related, am a bit nervous as some networking will be required) but I’ll update you loads in tomorrow’s post for sure!! =)

Anyway, today it’s all about this:

L’Occitane Green Tea Shower Gel – mmmmmmmMMMMmmmMM

I’m not one to splurge on shower products at all because I don’t have sensitive skin and I just use any old thing (that smells decent, of course).

I was really lucky though because a few weeks ago a friend stayed over at mine, she was dropping by London after presenting at a conference in Europe and she’d taken this whopping big bottle of Shower Gel with her because, well, she likes L’Occitane I suppose and she wasn’t sure what kind of soap the hotels she stayed in would have. Also, this is good for both hair and body so she didn’t need to lug shampoo with her too.

By the way she got to mine there was still a good quarter left in the bottle and she decided she’d rather leave it with me than try and squeeze it into her bag to take back with her. If she hadn’t had me to leave it to she’d have brought it home (it’d be a waste otherwise) but as things stood I think it was a relief to her to be able to get rid of it in a non-wasteful way.

And hooray for me! Because I get to do this review =D Onward ho:


I love-love-love the packaging. It’s a plastic bottle but somehow the shape just makes it look like glass and so… quaint? Is that the word?

It kind of feels like a magical potion would be in such a bottle! And the green colour helps that effect too, really loves how it looks… which isn’t my priority in shower products really but it’s a bonus when something’s pretty, especially for gifting!

Also, although it looks so stiff the plastic is ever so slightly bendy and the gel is quite viscous so when you tip it round it flows out easily and you can squeeze it a bit to get it out, very easy to use, no customer complaints there! I hate have to stand around waiting for gloopy soap to flow ever so slowly out of the bottle… (first world problems…).


Also is a love to the power of 3 from me!!!

It’s green tea but not bitter, quite sweet. In fact, it smells exactly like this:

Bottled green tea! Yummy!

I kid you not!

If you’ve never tried bottled green tea, just head to Chinatown around Leicester Square, any East Asian supermarket should sell it. I have to admit it kinda takes the health benefits of green tea away but, erm, it’s just so tasty! I kid myself that it’s slightly healthier than coke..

Anyway, that’s what the L’Occitane Green Tea shower gel smells like.

However, the fragrance is quite light so you won’t end up smelling like sweet green tea yourself… you’ll just enjoy smelling it while showering, that’s all.

The Product

What about the product itself, how it stand up to the test when used?

Well, I have to say I feel it’s quite a mild soap so if you’ve got sensitive skin/hair this is perfect for you, or if you don’t want to do a harsh hair-wash everyday (which isn’t so good for the hair) you’re probably safe to alternate with this as well.

If you ever need a thorough really cleansing wash though, this isn’t the best soap to use! I don’t use it on my hair as I tend to only wash it every 3 days or so and then it needs a good thorough scrubbing. But I love the green tea scent while showering, just feels so different and ever-so-slightly pampering. Then I start to crave bottled green tea…

Well, that’s all from me!

The Green Tea (or The Vert) collection from L’Occitane also includes a body milk, solid perfume and eau de toilette, so if you end up loving the fragrance there’s more available.

The shower gel itself costs around £16.00 for a 250ml bottle but I can’t really find where you can get it in the UK except online… which is puzzling as L’Occitane is a European brand. This collection may be American. But anyway, it’s very readily available on Amazon and also eBay, hurrah for online shopping!

I’m honestly not sure if I’d purchase this after it finishes as, like I said, I’m not into spending much on shower gels… but now that I do have it I must admit I love it 😉



Do you like bottled green tea??

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