The Stella Big Beauty Giveaway

Hi All!

And it’s another week closer to Christmas…

Which means we should all be either Christmas shopping or triple-checking our Christmas gift lists but instead we’re procrastinating (aren’t we?) and I’m not helping because the deal I’m about to show you next is pretty awesome but also pretty time-waster-ing!! (that is now a word, yes).

So many beauty prizes ahhhhhhh!

So many beauty prizes ahhhhhhh!

Basically, the Telegraph Online is hosting Stella magazine’s stellar giveaway (pun intended). They’ve 14,000 products to give away in total and the giveaway itself will end on the 18th of December.

However, the way this works isn’t that they give, say, hundreds of one type of product a day or even just 14,000 of one product… no… it’s completely different from the usual magazine daily giveaways because…

They’re giving two hundred of five different products a day and you only have a 2-hour window to apply for each giveaway. Huh? I hear you ask, and rightly so.

For example, between 9am and 11am product A is up for grabs and you have to sign up for that product within that time. This carries on for 2 hour intervals and with 5 different products until the giveaway closes for the day at 7pm.

I love 2 things about this:

1 – the sheer volume of products. That’s really, really generous in my eyes and the chances of winning are way up there, even if it is just a publicity thing they’re still respecting our time as consumers by running a giveaway where we stand a chance.

2 – the products are amazing! For example:

That's Carmex, Orla Kiely, Elizabeth Arden, Filorga and Phillip Kingsley!

That’s Carmex, Orla Kiely, Elizabeth Arden, Filorga and Phillip Kingsley!

That box shows what are prizes are for today, yes, just today!

None of those brands come very cheap although they’ve all got amazing reviews and all work, it also looks like it full sized products for each one. More details for today’s prizes here.

One thing I’m not sure about… does the 2-hour window limit or increase your chances of winning? In a sense, it surely cuts out competition because who would bother to sit there all day entering their name 5 times a day??

Then again, it’s a huge time-waster-thing, as I mentioned before, because you can’t enter as and when, you’ve only got 2 hours to do so and work/life just doesn’t permit that sometimes!

Strategy-wise, I’d suggest you check out their main giveaway page here where you can peek ahead at the coming days’ prizes and mark out which ones you’d like to enter for, no point trying to enter willy-nilly because it will waste your time.

Personally, I think the Elizabeth Arden and Filorga products for today looks amazing =)

Well, good luck, and tell me if you win anything so I can celebrate with you!





What will you be entering for?

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