Europe Drugstore Beauty Haul – Essence, Catrice, Manhattan

Happy Sunday All!!

Sigh, I always find myself in these situations… it’s late at night, I’ve an early train to catch tomorrow (a 4-hour long train!!), bags yet to be packed but I’m determined to stick to my laptop till I’ve written all the posts for this blog that’ll go up daily while I’m away… it’s my fault really, I need to learn how to create a buffer!

As you all know, a couple weeks ago I was in Berlin and although I was there for a church conference, I knew I’d have a couple days free time after it and so I’d written myself a little shopping list. It went something like this: beer, sausages, beer, ampelmann (I love the ampelman…), beer, GERMAN DRUGSTORE MAKEUP. With that emphasis, I kid you not.

I even did my research before I left and had jotted down a few brands and their top products (I’m such a nerd, once a nerd always a nerd, even with makeup of all things) and so when my really lovely boyfriend one day suggested that I should pop into a drugstore and spend some time at the makeup aisles I was like ‘I LOVE YOU’ and promptly spent the next 20 minutes very, very seriously pondering the makeup aisles… I felt very bad making him wait but he very thoughtfully reminded me of all the times I’ve patiently waited for him as he built MTG card decks or stood looking at Warhammer figures (lol) so I guess we’re even.

Anyway, most of this post is going to be a picture-spam of a look into a German drugstore (currently) and then my haul!


Starting in alphabetical order… here’s Astor, a popular European drugstore brand.


Now, totally neglecting alphabetical order, here’s Manhattan!

Essence and Catrice

Finally, the 2 most popular brands (apparently), Essence and Catrice.

Dr Haushka - okay, not really makeup, more skincare

Dr Haushka – okay, not really makeup, more skincare. I’ve had one experience with them which I quite enjoyed!

Biotherm. Also skincare, not makeup

Biotherm. Also skincare, not makeup.

They also had brands like L’Oreal and Revlon, the usually big-name brands really that you’d see in almost any drugstore in the world but obviously these more ‘exotic’ European ones really caught my eye!

Essence has actually already hit the UK but is only available in Wilkinson stores (I’ve never even been in one?!) and only in 6 around the UK, which is why I went ahead and got some of their stuff anyway because they seemed by far the most popular European brand followed closely by Catrice!

Finally, here’s my haul =D

Hellooooo haul!

Hellooooo haul!

I’d actually done quite a fair bit of research first and Essence and Catrice seemed most popular for their mascara’s. I didn’t actually want to get a mascara because I’m quite happy with my Telescopic but then I remembered I’d got that back in summer and, er, chances are it’ll run out soon! Or perhaps that’s just an excuse…

Anyway, here’re a list of items and their prices plus some details. Expect reviews to follow in future 😉 All prices in euros by the way!!

Catrice All-Matt Shine Control Powder in Translucent – 3.99

This had some great reviews online but mainly I got this because I’d stupidly left half my makeup bag in the UK and desperately needed a powder. Actually, I need a new powder anyway and have been looking for one so…

Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow – 3.99

Their eyeshadows were also getting raves and I didn’t have anything vaguely like this colour… it’s so pretty right?! Sadly the powder broke on the way back so it’s not as pretty now =(

Also, for some reason the boyfriend decided he really liked this dark blue metallic eyeshadow from this really expensive brand and wanted me to get that… I didn’t. But I promised I’ll make sure I have a dark blue.

Catrice Lashes to Kill – 3.99

Reviews had said this was a great mascara, they weren’t lying!! I love it. More info to come!

Catrice Calligraph Ultra-Slim Eyeliner – 3.29

An liquid eyeliner with ‘ultra-slim’ in the name? SOLD! The last time I got one that said ‘ultra-slim’ I opened it and was like ‘in what world and in which definitely would this count as slim?!’. But because I’d bought it, way back in summer, I made myself use it… now I needed another one.

Catrice All Round Concealer Palette – 3.99

This looked like such a great buy and people seemed to love it online. I also don’t actually have a concealer (I know, crazy right?!) and thought this’d be perfect for work as well as it suits a variety of skin tones/issues. Very happy with this!

Manhattan Eyeshadow Base – 3.99

Currently the only one I have is a MAC one from 2 years ago which has worked fine but isn’t the cheapest to be using everyday, this had gotten some great reviews though. So had their eye-colours but I didn’t really need any more colours really… trying to be disciplined.

Essence All Eyes on Me – 1.99

Essence mascara, far cheaper than the Catrice one (well, 2 euros difference really which is less than £2 difference!) but I haven’t tried this yet.

Essence Nail Art Pen – 1.99

This is actually a gift for someone! It’s amazing, it works with metallic/magnetic nails (you know the ones that you get wavy designs if you stick your nails under some magnet thing?) but now you can draw your own designs on! I don’t do my nails myself but thought this’d be a great gift for a dear friend who I know does!

Right, upon review I realise a lot of the things I bought were from Catrice… Essence just had a lot more raves about their foundations and cheek colours, while I was tempted I just knew I didn’t need any of those… *sigh*. I also avoided lip products like the plague because I’d gotten a lot of MUA lip products recently (and I still want that luxe lip lacquer in Reckless!) so I knew I didn’t need to be splurging on those. Here’s me trying to do a disciplined haul.

Anyway, each item was pretty affordable but the total came up to a lot, as these things tend to do!!

I’ll let you know how I get on with everything! =D



Have you tried any of these brands before?

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