Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Beauty Pack!

Hi All!

I posted what I think is a pretty awesome deal… and seeing as I’m scanning through a small-mountain-full of beauty deals a day when I think something is awesome, well, it usually is 😉

Anyway, courtesy of Beauty Flapper (they’re an online directory for all things beauty-related, eg. hair salons, nail salons, beauty parlours etc. etc.), there’s an absolutely free beauty sample pack from the skincare brand Vagheggi.

Vagheggi Products

To be absolutely honest with you, I’ve never heard of either Beauty Flapper or Vagheggi before, I’ve checked out both their sites and can’t find much brand info on Vagheggi but it’s still a great deal nonetheless as the beauty sampler is supposed to be worth £10 and you just need to fill out a form to get it (why not??).

Also, worth noting that Vagheggi seems to have beauty clinic roots and have developed their own line of professional skincare from there, I always take claims with a pinch of salt but that’s why I love samples so much (actions speak louder than words and all that!).

Anyway, enough faff, the link to claim your free beauty pack is right here and in addition you’ll also get a £20 voucher to spend on Vagheggi products, which I think is a lot but then again a browse on their site shows that their products aren’t cheap!!

It’ll take up to 28 days for it to get to you, I don’t know what’s included in the sampler unfortunately but when I receive mine I might do another post 😉




Have you heard of Vagheggi before?

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