Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Hey All!

Good morning and good night (I haven’t gone to bed yet… trying to finish a script for our church’s upcoming Christmas play, eep!!).

I’ve an amazing deal for you today brought to you by SuperSavvyMe again! And it’s not been two days yet since their last deal. Oh well, no complaints from me!

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

Anyway, moving on, this time they’re giving away 5,000 Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascaras! Now, I usually view giveaways with a slight degree of suspicion and as you know I don’t really bother to post giveaways that give out, say, 10 products, the chances of winning are just so low that the giveaway is really just for publicity and not about the consumers at all. But I’m sure you’ll all agree that 5,000 is a pretty decent number!

This retails at £10.99 at Boots so that means they’re giving out over £50k worth of product here, thanks Max Factor/SuperSavvyMe!

As if that’s not enough, the mascaras are actually runner-up prizes… the main prize is a beauty hamper that will be full of products worth over £100. There’s only one of these though, so I’m not really holding out hope on getting that!

To enter you just need to play this little Celeb guessing game on the SuperSavvyMe site, you can find the game over here. Seems fun enough =)

Nativity Factor

This post will be brief but in other news… for those who’ve read my post yesterday about the film competition, sadly if you’ve already kindly voted you’ll need to vote again as the voting system has been changed and all the votes reset, so the film I mentioned was actually in the lead but now… not any more =( Sad, but such is life!

I’m certain it can pull ahead again!

The new voting link is here and please vote for Donkey =)



Which Celebs did you spot? =D

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5 thoughts on “Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

  1. The Spot a Celeb contest isn’t working. The program is faulty. Hope they fix it soon.
    Thanks for the post about it. I’d love to win one.

  2. I voted Donkey 🙂
    Any chance you can have your links open in a new window please because at the moment they are taking us off your site. Thank you.

  3. Hi Mary!

    Yes, the SuperSavvyMe site was down for awhile as well I think, just went back to check on it again and the game seems to have a bug =( When it’s fixed I’ll let you know!!

    Also, I’ve taken in your feedback and all the links in this post now open in a new window/tab 😉 I’ll remember to keep that setting for future links as well!

    Thanks so much for your vote, I really appreciate it!

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