Review – Sleek Face Form

UPDATE: Regarding my short film entry I linked to at the end of this post… it was in the lead for votes but the system has been changed and votes have been reset, it’s no longer in the lead (sadly). If anyone voted for it I’d really appreciate if you’d vote again and at this new page this time. I’d really appreciate it!!

Hi My Pretties!

I’ve a special post for you today but you won’t really be able to see why it’s special till you get to the very end (hehe).

But first of all let me introduce you to the star of today’s post – the Sleek Face Form contour palette!!!

Sleek Face Form Ivory

Hello Sleek Face Form!

Okay, right, technically it’s a Contour and Blush Palette but I do feel it’s main strength is it’s affordability/versatility for contouring (let’s face it, no pun intended, if you wanted a good blush there’re loads of other affordable/amazing options available, MUA £1 Powder Blushes and Bourjois Cream Blush to name a few!).

Right, getting on with it, contouring seems to have become more of a trend recently! Well, to be honest I didn’t really get into makeup till the last year or so (thanks in part to the demands of work, which means I need to be an all-in-one dogsbody on little film sets and in theatres) but I swear even before then I didn’t even hear the word ‘contour’ even being breathed. My friends were all into lipstick and eyeliner and mascara, with the more adventurous/bold ones venturing into bronzer…

Surely it’s not just me, these contour palettes are a relatively new thing, right? Right?? Hmm, I suddenly get the feeling I’m horribly wrong…

Regardless, it seems like we’re facing a contour boom in the seasons to come! If you’ve been keeping an eye on the make-up releases due for Spring, quite a few have included little contour kits in their selection, I’ve especially seen lots of versions of 2-in-1 highlighter/shading colours in a compact, whether it’s in cream or powder. Spoilt for choice!

After seeing loads of my favourite bloggers/vloggers putting up contour how-to videos and realising it’s probably a useful skill to have (also, I tend to get excited about new things, do you?) I finally decided I should bite the proverbial bullet and get my own contour palette and the one I’ve been eyeing ever since I saw Sam Chapman demonstrating contouring with it is the Sleek Face Form palette!! I’m so gullible when it comes to product placement but then again I really trust her opinion, if Sam Chapman is using it, it must be good (right?).

Looks so... sleek.

Looks so… sleek.

On with the review of Sleek!


Right, not to be funny or anything but don’t you find Sleek palettes all so… sleek? Seriously! Something about the matte black case with the glossy black engraved words… nothing stand-out-ish like you’d get with the high-end makeup brands but pretty impressively gorgeous for a drugstore brand I think!! Only thing is I seem to dirty mine so easily, they always look less pristine and shiny in about 2 days since I’ve got my grubby make-up stained paws all over it, anyone else find that happens with them?

Also, I broke my Sleek eyeshadow palette recently, so if you’re rough-handling like me do be a bit more gentle with these babies…

Sleek Face Form Inside

From left to right: Contour Powder, Highlighter and Blusher


First glance into the palette, it’s pretty straight forward isn’t it? Even a make-up noob like me couldn’t get these mixed up! That’s a plus point.

Only thing is, as you can see the palette isn’t the biggest. When I use my contour brush (the Real Techniques contour brush from the Core Collection set) it’s just about large enough for me to swirl the brush length wise in the section I’m using. I’m usually move at a frenetic pace and make a mess of things which isn’t great because the last thing you want is contour powder in your highlighter!! Totally defeats the purpose.

I used this palette for work the other day and when I’m working I move at 3 times the pace, the palette is so messy now (thankfully didn’t get the powders mixed up but the mirror and black case is nowhere near pristine… sadness!!). Sigh, how nice to look back on this picture when the palette was brand new…

Left to Right: Contour, Highlighter, Blush

Left to Right: Contour, Highlighter, Blush


I was in two minds about posting the picture above because it’s simply not very pretty and you can hardly see the colour.

The thing is, I did one swipe per powder and this is how it came out. I feel that unlike with eyeshadows and lipsticks, you’re not really looking for full-blown colour when it comes to a contour palette, surely contouring is meant to give a subtle shading effect so you affect your face shape without people actually realising it?!

So rather than build up the colours I left it as is so you can see what it’s like. The contour powder itself comes out strong, which is good, one swipe is good enough to get the shadow-effect you want on your face and then you really need to be aware of blending it out properly.

As for the highlighter, it’s what looks like a slim beam of moonlight in the middle of my hand, very subtle in terms of colour but catches the light, see what I mean by subtlety, to be honest I think this is perfect!

The blush comes out pretty weak I think, it’s basically exactly like the highlighter but with the barest flush of pink. I didn’t particularly like it at first, I’ll admit, but lately I’ve been wearing it a lot more because I realise it’s just so much easier to get a natural blush with this, since it pops on the barest of colours! Also, since it’s a little shimmery, if you’re not out for a full-on contour just popping the blush on helps to define your cheekbones – one-step win. Did I mention I’ve also been getting compliments recently when I wear this? Just putting two and two together 😉

Don’t worry though, all these powders build up marvellously if you want a stronger colour. A quick scout online revealed this gem of a blog-post  which has swatches that are much stronger and also a stunning example of how to contour your face with it at the end. If I hadn’t bought the palette already the post might’ve severely convinced me to do so (lol).

By the way, the powders stay on quite well! I once used it for a church event that involved some very energetic dancing at the end (we got a Celidh band in!!) and the contours were still on by the end of it! Even though I’d done my makeup at 1pm and the event ended past midnight!

To Buy or Not To Buy

Ah, that is the question!

I have to say, at £9.99 it’s not the cheapest make-up staple you could get but to make the question easy, if you’re a contour-fan or are quite enthusiastic about it and can’t wait to get your hands on a palette to experiment… get it. It’s cheap for something that will contain your highlighter, contour and a blush as well as an added bonus.

If you’re just about to start experiment with it but aren’t really sure about it yet there’re a few budget options I can recommend before you all-out buy a contour palette…

(a) have you ever bought foundation that’s too light/dark for you or have you perhaps some foundation that no longer suits you because you’re lighter/darker now? Well, experiment with contouring with that first! That’s what I did for the longest time because I’m notoriously bad at finding the right shade of foundation for me… concealer would work as well! In fact I highlighted with a Revlon Photoready Concealer Stick all summer.

(b) got some dark/light eye-shadow that you think would fit the bill and that you don’t particularly like to use on your eyes anyway? Use this on your face instead then, just to experiment =)

If you’ve read this whole post without the slightest clue what contouring is and also no desire whatsoever to get into it (aww, thanks for reading so far!!), then this is probably not for you…

I honestly think this was a great buy (for me), it’ll definitely be a travel makeup bag staple from now on (replaces the need to bring blusher too!) and am so glad I’m got it. I’d advise you not to get it right now though, since Christmas is rolling around and I’m sure Boots is bound to have more points events! This is available on and also in physical Superdrug stores, if you want to get it from Superdrug check to see if their 3 for 2 offer is still on =)

The Sleek Face Form palette is available in 4 shades: fair, light, medium and dark. This palette is in light (which I found perfect for my skintone). Medium and Dark come with a bronzer instead of a blush. Check out the Sleek website here for more info.

Why this is a Special Post

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed it yet but I’m camera shy (how ironic, seeing as I work with cameras) at least on this blog I am! I feel bad about it since a picture tells a thousand words but in repatriation I hope the thousands of words I write about products (and the occasional picture) makes up for it!!

Today, however, you get to see an example of the Sleek palette in action visually (excites!).

Nativity Factor

On Saturday I was filming another entry to a biblical film competition called The Nativity Factor (remember this special post? Well, update on that, the entry I was raising votes for has made it into the Top Ten!! We’ll know more in January, woot, thanks for all your votes!!). It involved the angel Gabriel who had got some contouring done (obviously didn’t use the blush on him, haha) and to see the results of it you can check out this video here.

This is another competition that requires audience votes to move on past the first round, so if you could all spare a couple minutes of your time (it’s 2:28 minutes long to be exact!) and then vote if you like it (no pressure!) I would be so eternally grateful. It was quite a chore to film (urgh, filming in a car…) and we ended very late, just making the last train home, and I now feel I know the streets around the area we filmed like the back of my hand thanks to the hours of circling around but… still, it was worth it =)

You might need to register to vote here first, for those who are interested, the film’s name is Donkey 😉



Are you into Contouring?

Also, would love to hear your thoughts on Donkey!

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