Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Head and Shoulders Hair Tonic

Hi All!

Hope you’ve all had a happy weekend of sales =)

In fact, some retailers I see have extended the sales to last all week or have a sales-reloaded planned for this coming weekend… it’s a bit too much full-on sales I think!! But it just goes to show that in today’s shopping world you don’t really need to worry as much about missing a deal or two, it’s bound to come around again in not-too-long.

Anyway, today’s deal alert is a free bottle of the Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Tonic! (been awhile since we’ve done a deal alert it feels!!)


This project is being run by the great SuperSavvyMe , if you recall a couple of months ago I was sent a bottle of the Nioxin Diaboost also from SuperSavvyMe to review and I can say from personal experience that their consumer panel is fun to be on =)

There were about 3 surveys to fill out and in addition you can submit in any number of ‘reports’ (detailing any conversations you’ve done about the product), these are up to you and the more you submit the more points you receive (presumably these help your success rate on future consumer sample/review projects).

This hair tonic from Head and Shoulders is primarily meant for those with weak/brittle hair but I’m sure any of us could use a boost! I’ve personally noticed my hair getting slightly thinner and more frayed at the ends now that it’s this long (I’ve grown it out to half way down my waist at the moment, I realise this isn’t saying much because I’m relatively short but still, pretty long!) and I know any hair serum/tonic is always welcome and worth a try (particularly if it’s free?!).

For the Diaboost project there was only one product but for this one there’s a bumper of products you get for signing up! Including:

  • 1x savvy circle insiders guide packed with brand and product info
  • 1x Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Tonic
  • 1x Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening shampoo
  • 1x Gillette ProGlide razor
  • 1x Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste

I honestly don’t quite understand where there’s a razor and toothpaste included! There’ll also be a money-off coupon booklet included.

To sign up for this you’ll need to register on SuperSavvyMe (find out more here) and apply here on their project page. Here’s wishing you all the best!



Have you tried any Head and Shoulders Tonics/Serums?

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