Best of Champneys and Sanctuary Weekend Deals

Happy Sunday!

Ah, Sunday, meant to be the day of Sabbath/rest… but if you’re a church-goer like me then ironically it’s not very restful is it?

I’m playing the cajon for our band again today and that means being at setup/practice at 9am for a 1.30pm start but I think what this means is that I should find my ‘sabbath-day’ some other time, after all, if the God I believe in exists, it would be as a God of principles not rules/regulations, so it’s the principle of it that matters not the law of it and the principle is that we need our down-time!! That’s right girls, if there’s a God He’s all for the girly me-time!

Which is why today’s post is going to be all about the 1/3 off Champneys and Sanctuary gifts that Boots has on this weekend, woot-woot!

I’ve recently been into bath products as it’s just so relaxing and such a treat, so I requested the Boots Xmas Events PR for more info on the Champneys and Sanctuary products on offer and whoa is there a lot of it!!! Rather than spamming you a meaningless list, once again here are my top picks… I’ll link to full pages of all items at the bottom of course 😉

Champneys Mini Favourites Collection Gift

Champneys Mini Favourites Collection

Now £7 from £10.50, you get Citrus Blush Shower Gel 50ml, Mediterranean Bliss Bubble Heaven 50ml, Distant Shores Body Butter 50ml and Hand and Nail Cream 40ml.

What I love is the variety of the selection! For those new to the brand, this is a good way to sample their best products… downside is that you won’t really get a holistic experience in terms of fragrance if you use everything in one session but it’s a good thing if you’re really into variety?

If you’re feeling slightly more flush the Best of Spa Deluxe Gift for £13.33 is similar to this but with a few more products =)

Champneys Spa Indulgence Distant Shores Travel Collection

Champneys Distant Shores Collection Hat Box

Now £8 down from £12, this contains Distant Shores Body Scrub 50g, Distant Shores Shower Mousse 45ml, Distant Shores Bubble Heaven 50ml  and Distant Shores Body Butter 50ml.

I love that there’s shower and bath products in it, plus the box makes it look like such a pretty gift! Best of all, who doesn’t want to be transported to a ‘distant tropical shore’ during the dead on winter?! Whisk someone away to their personal island paradise in their own home with this beauty set =D You can make it an even better gift by mixing them a fruity cocktail pre-bath and sticking a little umbrella in it (vital ingredient: little umbrella).

There’s also a Mediterranean and an Oriental Opulence version of this set, same prices and similar products in different scents. The Distant Shores one just appeals to me most for this time of year 😉

Also, if you’re willing to sacrifice the pretty box for a body polisher there’s the Distant Shores Collection instead, as a gift I’d choose the box as most people I know have their own body polishers already!

Champneys Bubble Heaven Collection

Champneys Bubble Heaven Collection

For those only looking for bath products and come on, with a name like bubble heaven who could resist?!

I’m completely not into lotions or scrubs that much so this would be for me, you get the Oriental Opulence, Mediterranean Bliss and Distant Shores Bubble Bath Heaven, 300ml each which makes almost a liter of bubble bath in total!! For £10.67 down from £16.00.

Check out the full Champneys range on offer here.

Moving on to Sanctuary!

Sanctuary Bath Time Bliss

Sanctuary Spa Bathtime bliss gift

The first set I’m stumbled across to combine a relaxing bath soak with fragrance in the form of diffusers and candles! Talk about an all in one experience =D

For £12 down from £18 you get a Classic Fragrance Diffuser 50ml, 2 Classic Votive Candles, a Luxury Bath Float 75ml and a Body Lotion 75ml.

Sanctuary Spa Perfect Facial in a Box

Sanctuary Spa Facial In a Box

Not really entirely sure how effective this is and it’s a bit sad there’s probably only enough clay mask for 1 use but it’s a lovely treat to gift someone a home facial nonetheless!

For £13.33 from £20 you get a step-by-step guide to a 30 minute facial plus Ultimate Facial Cleansing Oil (15ml), Peptide Transformation Serum (3.5ml), Thermal Rose Clay Mask (7ml), Leave-on Exfoliating Cream (10ml), Peptide Repair Eye Cream (5ml) and Peptide Replenish Night Cream (10ml).

Sanctuary Weekend Getaway Collection

Sanctuary Weekend get-away Collection

For £12 the most holistic package from Sanctuary for the price! You get:

  • Washbag (Measures approximately 24 x 19 x 11.5cm. 100% PVC with 100% polyester lining.)
  • Body wash (75ml)
  • Body scrub (50ml)
  • Body lotion (75ml)
  • Hand cream (30ml)
  • Foaming bath soak (75ml)
  • Luxury bath float (75ml)
  • Body polisher

Not too shabby! Far better than the ‘favourites’ sets that they have if you want a taster of their products I feel.

To check out a full list of what’s on offer click here!

Right, I’ll leave you with that and one final word of advice: I’ve come across so many amazing weekend sales on for the Black Friday event, it would actually be impossible to list every single one that’s on. My advice is to check out your favourite stores (check their online store, don’t waste a trek down to a physical one!) or check specifically for an item on your wishlist at various retailers (eg. for beauty products try Feel Unique and of course the product’s own brand online store). Chances are a sale is on 😉

Lots of Love!


Anything you’ll be getting this weekend? 😉

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