Boots Black Friday 4-Day Event Deals!!!

Hey All!!

Happy after-Thanksgiving shopping everyone =D

Not being American, I’ve only celebrated Thanksgiving once, when some very enthusiastic and lovely American friends of mine decided they wanted to throw a party to initiate all the uninitiated (basically a bunch of us from Europe/Asia), from what I gathered it was about being with friends/family/turkey.

I have, however, actually been in America during Thanksgiving before. My family and I went shopping, we went through a very deserted store and picked out/tried out everything we wanted but didn’t buy anything. The next day (Black Friday) my mum dragged us all to the same store and we bought everything we’d spotted (and had already tried on) the day before. I probably get my discount/sale-craziness from my mother…

Anyway!!! As you may have read in my post yesterday, Boots has an awesome extended-weekend (ie Friday to Monday) of sales and deals!!! Besides their already amazing Star Gift and Half Price deals that will run all week, there’s also a host of loads of other deals split in five categories: deals running all weekend, Friday only, Saturday only, Sunday only, Monday only (you get the drift).

To see the full list for yourself check out the Boots page here that will update as the days go on. Today’s post is going to round-up the top picks of this weekend’s sales (in my humble opinion 😉 ).

Right, first up there’s load of celebrity fragrances on offer, I don’t want to just whack a list on here because that isn’t really ‘original content’, is it? But sales-tip, if you’ve been eyeing a celebrity fragrance, check the Boots website, chances are it’s half off this weekend =)

My top picks would have to be:

Smashbox Try it Kit

– Smashbox Try It Kit: £9.50 down from £19.00, makes it an awesome budget under £10 gift. It’s a collection of their best-sellers (face primer, eye primer, mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss) in mini sizes, good for sampling the range before buying a full size and good for travelling to! This is on all weekend.

Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream 30ml

– Nanoblur Optical Cream: In my review of the L’Oreal dupe here I mentioned my interest in this but how I was put off by the price, well it’s £9.99 now down from £19.99!! So if you’re curious, like me, now’s your chance… This is also on all weekend.

Liz Arden 8 hour boots star gift

– Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Essentials Kit: This was a Star Gift and now it’s gone down even more to just £16 from it’s original £50!! It’s kind of annoying for those who snapped it up as a Star Gift when it was around £24 but for those who were dithering and didn’t get it then, I guess now’s your chance to. I can’t tell if this is just for Saturday or on all weekend, I feel it’s a weekend-long but wanna be honest that I’m not sure so nobody misses out!

BaByliss Elegance Straightener

– Babyliss Elegance Straighteners: I love Babyliss, my curler is a simple Babyliss one and it has lasted me so long and is still the best I’ve ever used. If you’re in the market for straighteners these will be £29.99 down from £79.99 on Monday 2nd Dec.

In other news, if you’re looking out for an electric shaver for your man or a camera (I know, off-topic much??) Boots has them on offer weekend long as well so it’s really well worth a look, there’s some great offers money-wise. I know nothing of either electric shavers or cameras so I can’t recommend which buy is best but the figures look tempting enough.

For those Bath and Body type girls, there’s loads of Champneys an Sanctuary products on for 1/3 off as well! Check back tomorrow for my top picks for those =)

Really should go to bed now as well be in filming from 10am till 1am (yes, 1am, not 1pm) for another short film entry. By the way, the film I mentioned before that was entered in a competition has made it into the Top Ten! Thanks so much for your votes everyone, fingers crossed it wins the top prize. =D We’ll know in January!

Lots and Lots of Love!


Anything you’ll be getting this weekend? 😉

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