Boots Star Gift #9 Nov 29th – Sensationail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit

Hello hello everyone!

I’m finally back in London =D If I haven’t answered any of your emails/comments yet, apologies! I promise I’ll be getting round to them in the next day or so.

It’s always such a strange feeling to be back… the first half of my week away was spent at my church’s conference, which was great but tiring, I find at church camps/conferences you never get enough sleep, it’s just a given that everyone will stay up till 4am chatting, it’s a magical atmosphere but makes for bad eye bags.

The second half was in Berlin, which was a lovely holiday albeit very brief, a bit sad that it’s all over! We stayed at our church’s Berlin ministry house, it’s basically a 4-storey kindergarden that was bought by one of the church leaders and converted into flats and spare rooms that they can house people in if needed =) For travellers it’s 10Euros a person a night.

I really loved it there, the people were extremely welcoming and we basically had our own little area with a tiny kitchenette. One of the guys (who we’ve nicknamed Johnny the Bear) even accompanied us for a day’s sight-seeing and made a home-cooked German meal for us on the 2nd night. I might do a more detailed post on the trip but that’s it for now, better get on with the Star Gift! Oh, if anyone’s headed to Berlin drop me a message, if there’s room at the Hope Ministry House I’m sure they’d be happy to lodge anyone =)

RIGHT, so today we not only have an amazing Star Gift deal (money-wise it’s the best discount yet), plus a pretty awesome Offer of the Week, but Boots has also launched a whole host of other offers/deals for Thanksgiving/Black Friday! It’s pretty amazing, watching out tomorrow for more details 😉

Hello Star Gift Number 9!

Hello Star Gift Number 9!

So, if you’re a nails-girl, REJOICE, because the Sensationail Deluxe Gel Starter Kit looks a-maz-zing. I’m not a nails person at all and even I am slightly tempted. It’d definitely make the best gift ever to a huge nails fan.

It’s not cheap at £45 but it’s down from £105 and that’s a pretty whopping huge discount, I’m sure you’ll agree. It includes:

·        SensatioNail Pro 3060 LED lamp

·         2 full size colour polishes – Taupe Tulips & Sugar Plum (7.39ml each)

·         A full size base/top coat (7.39ml)

·         A full size Cleanser (27.5ml)

·         A full size Primer (3.54ml)

·         A pack of 12 Lint-free wipes & buffer

·         SensatioNail Removal Tool

For the uninitiated (ie. me) how it works is that you pop on the primer, polish, topcoat (in that order) and you don’t need to wait for drying time at all, just stick the fingers under the LED lamp to ‘cure’ the nails and voila, gel nails!

These used to be just available in salons, I guess home-treatments are getting more popular and you can see why really, it’s all about convenience and fast-paced delivery in today’s beauty world, isn’t it? Anyway, the main benefit to gel nails (for those of you wondering if it’s worth it) is that it’s far more resilient, so hardly any wear/tear/chipping and it does look quite gorgeous I must say, always a smooth finish (I like admiring nails, I just don’t do my own..).

So, once again, £45 down from £105, pretty amazing deal, it’s meant to be good for over 20 manicures/pedicures. I think the best part is the LED lamp really, as with that you could source your own (perhaps cheaper?) gel polishes and do an infinite amount of home manicures! Maybe make a whole sleepover party out of it 😉

Plowing on, as there’s just so many great deals this weekend, we have the Offer of the Week which seems to me like another Star Gift in itself, it’s that great… it’s the Best of Benefit Set!

Best of Benefit Kit

Best of Benefit Kit

Benefit fans rejoice! And those makeup buffs out there that have been eyeing Benefit, this is a great introductory starter pack that is now £24.50 down from £49.25. It contains:

  • Mini Porefessional 7.5ml
  • They’re Real Mini 4.0g
  • Mini Hoola 3.0g
  • Mini Benetint 4.0ml
  • Mini boiing 01 & 02 2x 1.5g
  • Mini Highbeam 4.0ml

I’ve heard rave reviews about almost all of these products, particularly the Porefessional primer, They’re Real Mascara, Hoola Bronzer and Benetint Cheek Stain. Honestly never heard of the Boi-ing Concealer before but the Highbeam illuminator has been getting a lot of positives as well. There’s a whole face in there (bar foundation) and everything mini-sized so perfect for travelling.

Only downside is you’ll need to consider your skintone for some of the products (I think Highbeam could possibly be used for a range but definitely not Boi-ing or Hoola!) but if you’re in the fair to medium I’d say this is for you, or would also make a lovely gift. I don’t think I can justify getting that for myself (I just don’t need any of those products, I’m pretty set for all those products) but I would definitely consider it as a gift (and if I received it as a gift I’d be over the moon, lol).

As usual, the Star Gift and Offer of the Week are available for a week, so from Friday 29th November till next Thursday 5th Dec!

Right well, I’ll leave it there for now as that’s a pretty long post for today but do check back tomorrow for the rest of the amazing offers that Boots is dishing up for this weekend/week =) Some offers are for just a day (ie just for Saturday or just for Sunday) so you’ll have to be pretty certain on what you’re looking to get Christmas-shopping wise, not much time for mulling it over!

Excited for the Weekend’s Offers? I AM!! =D

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