Bristolians, I Envy You – Bristol MUA Mini-Haul

Hi All!

So, earlier this week I made a short little trip to Bristol to visit a good friend of mine who’s part of our church’s Bristol branch.

I was taking a coach back to London and I realised that the Superdrug was pretty close to the coach station, it was the Superdrug on Broadmead, a pretty big shopping area (like a pedestrian mall, it was gorgeous by the way, totally recommend shopping there!).

That’s when I did what any sane budget-makeup-crazy girl in her right mind would do… at the risk of missing my coach I high-tailed it to the Superdrug and aimed straight for MUA section!!!

And OH MY GOD was it worth it! Have a look at what the MUA section in the Bristol Broadmead Superdrug is like:



It’s got it’s own whole section! Whereas the Superdrug at Tottenham Court Road (which I frequent) has one puny, stand-alone, twirl-around stand that is always out of stock and never has the latest products, ever. In fact, to anyone who shops at the Tottenham Court Road Superdrug for their MUA fix, word of warning, it seems half the lipsticks (all 5 of them… seriously there were only 5 matte lipsticks when I last went there, not 5 shades, 5 lipsticks) seemed already opened… and I’m not talking about the tester ones. Ewww.

In contrast, look how well-stocked the Broadmead Superdrug is! The very popular items are obviously almost all gone but at the bottom you can spot a whole host of eyeshadow pallettes, I wonder if going to Heaven will feel a bit like this? Sadly, the bible isn’t very clear on it, all I know is that Heaven is the presence of God but I’m sure my God is a cool guy that created me to love budget makeup so He’s got a great selection waiting for me post-mortem.

Bristol MUA Haul

I already knew what I wanted, of course, ever since I did my MUA Matte Lipsticks Review I’ve been dying to get my hands on the remaining 2 shades that I’m missing so I got those (review to come!!), Scarlet Siren and Wild Berry.

I’ve also heard rave things about their blushes from MissBudgetBeauty (my go-to guide for MUA reviews, she’s really good at weeding out the good from the bad!). Unsurprisingly, they were all out of the £1 powder blushes in the shade I wanted, so I got the cream version of the shade Dolly.

It’s a coral shade that isn’t very season-appropriate but I already have loads of pink/tawny blushes, the one thing I don’t have is a coral! I think I’ll be able to wear it on some upcoming travels to temperate regions, also, I don’t really care much for sticking to seasonal colours. I do think the berry-lip Autumn thing is gorgeous but when someone breezes past wearing corals and beige… it feels like a memory of Summer and a promise of Spring just floated past… don’t you think?

Finally, I also got 3 of those MUA Luxe Lip Lacquers that neither love nor money can get you these days… even at that super well-stocked MUA section there were less than 10 left, I grabbed them in a hurry! I managed to get shades Kooky (crazily gorgeous dark purple), Atomic (orange toned red) and Funk (bright purple).

What I really want is Reckless, which looks like a gorgeous true red, but they were out of it!! Not bothered about the one last shade which is a too-bright pink for me I think, I’d say it’s a more pink-toned version of Funk…

If you’re wondering why I got so many things… Superdrug still has the 3 for 2 offer on! So my 3 lip lacquers cost just £6 instead of £9. In fact, the total came up to £9. Bargain.

So, my next MUA task is to hunt down Reckless, I might have luck at the Marble Arch Superdrug, what do you think? And since that costs £3 I’d probably add in 2 other similarly priced items to make full use of my 3 for 2 (lol), I’m eyeing more blushes (stock up now!), or maybe palettes (my favourite budget gift at the moment).

Thank you MUA, I got on my coach with just 7 minutes to spare but it was so totally worth it.



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