Boots Star Gift #8 Nov 22nd – Sanctuary Top to Toe Glow Pamper Tin

Happy, Happy Friday!

TGIF indeed!

As you’re reading this I’ll be up bright and early in Stuttgart attending my church’s annual European Leader’s Conference, but being the very responsible blogger I am of course I’m writing this up way in advance, especially for those of you who’re eager to find out what this week’s Boots Star Gift is…

This is becoming very much of a weekly ritual now, no idea what it’ll feel like when Christmas is inevitably over and these posts end. *gasp*

Anyway, this week we have another spa-day-at-home-type pampering gift! The Santuary Pamper Tin!

Sanctuary Pamper Tin Boots Star Gift 2013

This pamper tin comes with:

  • Body Wash (250ml)
  • Body Lotion (250ml)
  • Spa Skin body polisher
  • Radiance Exfoliator (100ml)
  • Fresh Faced Purifying Wash (140ml)
  • Spa facial headband
  • Pumice Foot Scrub (50ml)
  • Moisture Rich Foot Butter (50ml)
  • Spa Pedicure foot file

It’s now priced at £19 down from £40 and the folks over at MoneySavingExpert have done their usual calculation-magic and figured out all the items are actually worth £40 so you do get a decent saving on this!

One thing to note is that a third of the products are aimed at good, ol’ foot maintenance. Not really my kinda thing, to be honest, but if you know a friend who’s on her feet all day and deserves to pamper them, or someone who always has an immaculate pedicure, this is probably the pamper-gift-set-made-in-heaven for them!

There’s also no bath products in this, so if you were looking for an amazing soak-in-the-tub type of pamper, steer clear of this one! Then again, if you or whoever you’re gift-shopping for doesn’t have a bath/doesn’t like to take baths (WHAT?!) this is probably the best option there because I don’t often find pamper tins without a product thrown in for the tub.

It’s really random, but I personally love that there’s a facial headband included in this… I think putting one on would instantly make me feel like I’m having a proper spa day and I’m sure you could use it over and over again with other spa-at-home treats (of course give it a good wash in between uses…).

Right, so, that’s all from me on this week’s Star Gift! It’s available at larger Boots outlets from today till next Thurday 28th Nov, also available online. Remember, this is also till stocks last so grab it quick if you really, really want it!



Which Star Gift is your FAVOURITE so far?

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