That Epic Primark Haul Part 1

Hello Everyone!

So, I’m not sure if you still remember but wayyyy back in September a friend of mine came to visit me and part of her trip really was to go on a huge shopping spree (no, like, huge).

She did an epic haul at Bicester and we did a little trip to Paris as well, surprisingly didn’t buy much there but that was probably because she was dead broke after Bicester Village =P Well, it was the trip she had been saving up for for about 2 to 3 years now so I guess it was warranted!! This reminds me, I haven’t got round to writing/posting that ‘How to Shop Bicester’ guide that I promised! Eep, will get round to that… sorry!

It wasn’t all high-street of course, while she was here she made sure to hit the local favourite of all stores, the store that is to the fashion retailing world what drugstore makeup is to the beauty world… Primark!!


3 Stories of Budget Retail Heaven…

There’s always going to be something for everyone in Primark, especially the ones along Oxford Street and New Oxford Street because they’re just so huge.

Turns out, for my friend, there was about 4 large bags full of ‘somethings’ waiting for her in Primark because that’s exactly what I helped her haul from the store back to my home, now I know why it’s called a haul.

The haul was just so epic I’m splitting it into 2 posts full of haul-y goodness. Actually, when you think about it, why do we read/watch haul posts/videos?! I’m sure part of it is to get ideas about what we want to buy ourselves but really I think it mainly boils down to how fun it is talking about our shoes, clothes, makeup, hair… enjoying the girly things in life. That’s always the best part of shopping with girl friends or chatting at sleepovers, right? Well now the internet’s made it so we can do it all the time!

Part One of this haul is going to be all the clothes and Part Two will be shoes/accessories (I told you it was huge!), ready or not, here it comes…

Right, first up is this light, beigey-pearly trench that she spotted on offer, I think it was love at first sight because even though she lives in a temperate country and only ever goes to Europe in Winter time (ie this coat is both too warm and not-warm-enough for her) she just wouldn’t forget about it. Oh well, at least it looks like a classic (the beige trench, y’know)! I don’t think this will be there anymore as it was in the sales section when we last went…

Beige Trench – £10

When we went to the skirts section we found they had quite a few fun and flirty skirts! All quite dark and grey, perfect for winter and layering with tights and boots and a sweater over it. I picked up a checked grey one for myself. The picture below shows two skirts, a really nice floral grey and a shimmery black.

Skater Skirts – £4

Next is kinda a funny one! It looks like a simple black t-shirt but it actually has these cool cut-outs on the shoulders…


Don’t mind me, I’m just a simple black t-shirt…


Oop! No I’m not! Gotcha!
Oh yeah, it was around £5?

Then she went into the sweaters section and went absolutely cray-cray, as you can see she bought 4 of them in different colours and the next day when we went past another Primark we had to go in again so she could find a pink one, sadly, we didn’t.


Some lovely basic sweaters, great for glamming up with accessories – £7

This last picture is actually not from Primark but from TK Maxx!! I put it in by accident and thought I’d keep it because… well… why not? I wouldn’t waste a whole post’s worth space blogging about 1 picture so think of this as a bonus 😉

There’s a lovely grey dress that has a cut-out back, a striped long-sleeved shirt and 3 pairs of shoes. Sorry we didn’t really lay them out very well, we were quite exhausted taking pictures of everything to be honest! Anyway, what I feel really takes the cake in the TK Maxx haul are the amazing spiked heels, those were from Avril Lavigne’s brand (they look it, don’t they?) and were a steal at £15!


We’re from TK Maxx, hello!

If you’re about to brace yourself for an annual pre-Christmas Primark shop, do check out my Guide to Shopping Primark. Also, interestingly, when I went in the other day I saw some cable knit sweaters that I’d bought last year! So if your sweaters from a year ago have warped in the wash or you just want to pick up something you fancied last year but missed out on, go for it, because some AW2012 designs are back!

A Whole Haul-a Love,


Which of the buys above is your top pick? Let me know!

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