Olay Essentials Double Action Night Cream – Review

Hello Budget Lovers!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done a proper review so I thought I’d put this one up. This has actually been in the pipeline since early September, yes that’s how terribly behind schedule I tend to be! I always dream of twenty-one-thousand posts I wanna do but end up doing just a couple of them, and that a few months late even =P

Along the same note, I’ve been wanting to blog about my September travels to Portugal and haven’t even done those yet >_< sigh… on the one hand, I really want the main focus of this blog to be freebies/deals and those pop up so sporadically, I’m always terrified that if I wait even a day before posting them the deal will be over! *horrors* hence the utter lack of post-planning-ahead-ness on here.

I digress.

Olay Celeste Jar

Hello Olay!

Today, this review is finally going up!

This is actually courtesy of a good friend of mine who started reading this blog and recommended this to me, it’s for those of you who’re looking for a good budget winter moisturiser to see you through these dry, chilly, chapped-lips-and-skin times!

The Backstory

So, when the chillier weather began to roll around, my friend found her skin a little tighter and a lot drier, just a really basic lack-of-moisture problem and while moisturisers like the Clinique Dramatically Moisturising Plus (check out the review here) are definitely good moisturisers, it can be a bit pricey and not everyone wants to pay that much for just a moisturiser. Especially if moisturised skin isn’t too big of a problem for you usually, I totally agree!

In general, I advise people to set a budget on skincare and decide where you want to divide it up… moisturisers, serums, chemical exfoliants…? The list goes on and no set solution/spending pattern is going to be the same for everyone because, well, we have different skin (duh).

Funnily enough, this cream was recommended to the friend in question by another friend (also a good friend of mine), so word of mouth really is key in finding bargain products it seems! And what girl doesn’t secretly love/want to just talk about the products she’s using??

Olay cream on skin

Olay cream on skin

Product Claims

– Moisturise and regenerate your skin in just one rich night cream.

– Nourishes your skin during the night, helping to replace moisture lost during the day.

– Helps regenerate your skin’s appearance at night.

– The non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving a greasy layer.

The Real Experience

So above is a picture of the night cream on the skin, as you can see it’s quite thick and my friend vouches for it’s effectiveness in banishing the tightness, it definitely feels moisturising enough, very rich feeling about it.

I feel it takes a bit of patting into the skin before it fully absorbs but seeing as this is meant to be a night cream I don’t think this is a problem (you obviously don’t want that for a day cream as you need to put make-up/sunscreen/whatever-you-fancy on top of that and so you want something more absorbent and less in-the-way-ish). If you give it a little time to settle it doesn’t feel greasy or tacky.

One thing though, the cream is scented and also, as you can see, slightly coloured. I’d be wary of it if you have sensitive skin, perhaps try out the tester on your hands or behind your ears first and wait a day or so. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it! I personally don’t have sensitive skin and so I tend to think pretty coloured creams with scents feel mildly pampering…

Where to Buy

Best part is that this is only £4.99! You can find it in Superdrug or Boots, both of which are having 3 for 2 deals right now (but I recommend Boots due to the many, many Points Events they are having right now!). Definitely a cream that won’t bust the bank!

If you do have sensitive skin, you can either go for the sensitive skin version of this skin but since I haven’t tried that myself I’d recommend going for the Simple Kind to Skin moisturiser (once again, review here), which is only £3.89, so also a great budget bargain! If you want to spend a bit more on moisturising, then I’d recommend Clinique all the way!

And if you’re looking for a day-time moisturiser, you could go for the day version of this cream but again, since I haven’t tried it myself so I’d once again recommend Simple or Clinique (either of which I’d happily wear under make-up or on its own all day). Another option is the Olay Beauty Fluid which I’ve never tried but I’ve heard such rave reviews about it (apparently it’s a great make-up?), has anyone actually tried it? I’d love to know your thoughts! It’s coming out in a lovely limited edition bottle for the festive season too!

What’s your favourite budget moisturiser? =)

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