Some Mid-Week Beauty Competitions!

Hi All!

I’ve spotted some amazing giveaways/competitions, sadly these are sample freebie giveaways but they look pretty good so have a look!

Swoosh-Logo-Reverse_HomepageFirst up, an amazing one by Swoosh who are giving two lucky winners the chance to win 6 months’ supply of Boots’ Skincare!

How it works is that after you’ve registered with their short competition registration form, 2 winners will be chosen who can choose any 10 Boots Skincare products (obvious choice would be No.7 and even more obvious would be their range of serums!!). I’ve just tried to register and the form seems to be having a little technical hiccup so if it doesn’t work for you come back again tomorrow and try again =)

Next up is a Movember themed giveaway! I was wondering when these would start to pop up 😉

Lambrini Cider is giving away a case of their cider plus what they’re calling the ‘ultimate Movember party pack’ for a ‘moustache rash bash’ (yes, they actually said this!) which will include: moisturiser, shaving cream, stick-on moustaches, lip balms and various moustache shaped paraphernalia including false moustaches, 8 x moustache cups and plates, 8 x moustache necklaces, moustache straws and moustache balloons. Themed pre-Christmas party anyone??

Plus there’s also 100 runners-up prizes —> Lip Balm! I really hope it’s cider flavoured…

Just Like their Facebook page and register before 1:30pm on Monday 25th November 2013!

Thirdly, an awesome deal from one of my ALL-TIME FAVOURITE brands (because I don’t like to wash my hair) Batiste Dry Shampoo!!!

They’re opening up VIP membership to everyone/anyone, and if you don’t already know what that means from my previous Simple VIP post, basically being selected means you’ll be on the panel for product testing for that brand!

I personally love product testing, even if I need to complete surveys/forms or whatever, it’s usually worth it for a brand you like. so quick, quick sign up here now!

Happy Competition-ing! (yes, that’s now a verb…)



Woohoo giveaways!

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