Amazing Sunday Freebie – Free Uniqlo Heat-Tech T-Shirt!!

Hey All!

I’ve a pretty awesome freebie to share with you today 😉 It’s one that’s so so awesome that even though I’ve probably had the busiest day imaginable I somehow still found time to leg it down to a store in Oxford Street to treat myself to this…

As part of Uniqlo’s Feel the Warmth Campaign this winter, you get an awesome chance to get a free heat-tech shirt for either yourself or someone else =)

Uniqlo Feel the Warmth

How it works is pretty simple, first you need to find a participating branch, not all Uniqlo stores will be running this freebie campaign, just the larger ones. There’s a list of participating stores at the bottom of the main campaign page here and while it’s mainly stores in Central London, there seems to be a couple in other cities/London suburbs too =)

It’s the easiest process ever, my boyfriend and I went to get ourselves one today. Basically, just go into one of those stores and there should be a little machine like thing with a sales staff next to it manning it. First thing you gotta fill in is why you want a free heat-tech shirt! As long as you don’t put down anything rude or vulgar, you’ll probably get a shirt 😉

My Free Heattech!

My Free Heattech!

BF's Free Heattech!

The Boyfriend’s Free Heattech!

Then, it’s just a matter of filling in your contact details etc. About less then 10 minutes later, you should get a text with a code for your free shirt, that code only lasts for a day so you need to grab it asap.

The shirts are pretty basic but can’t complain when it’s free, eh!

The offer only lasts till the 14th of November, which is this Thursday, so get to it quick!

If you’ll already be in a central area this weekend then best to do it now, you don’t really want to make a trip somewhere central just for this. It’d work out to be worth it just because the Heat Tech range is so amazing but it means money-wise the freebie is less of a bargain (since you had to travel for it).




PS: I still can’t believe how great this is!!! I don’t think Uniqlo even needs to give out freebies, they’re popular enough. Am a very happy Penny =)


3 thoughts on “Amazing Sunday Freebie – Free Uniqlo Heat-Tech T-Shirt!!

      • Yes, I got my first one on november this year, but as some people I know missed it I hoped they were giving away again soon…I’ll keep my eyes peeled on their page !

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