MORE Boots Christmas Points Events?! – and other Boots deals

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Whow, Boots is really out-doing itself this year, it seems there’s a points event every week now and we’re still only in November, what’s it going to be like in December?!

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Basically, just like last week, you can get £12 worth of Boots Advantage Card points (that’s 1200 points) for every £50 you spend in a single transaction in-store on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 November, as usual be careful because this isn’t available in all Boots stores, just some, but the good news is a quick glance at the list shows that there’s more available stores this time! Stores also have extended opening times as always.

In addition to the event, they’ve added a cherry on top of the mince pie, which is that you’d also receive a voucher for 500 Boots Advantage Card points to spend at the next Boots Christmas event.

So, potentially, you gain £17 for spending £50, definitely a great saving as it’s basically a 34% discount, but it does mean you would have to spend again during the next points event. Let’s assume the next points event also gets you £12 for a £50 spend so… actually you’re gaining £29 in points for spending £100, aka a 29% discount. Still not too shabby I guess.

It seems a smart way to shop savvy this Christmas is to do your shopping/Christmas treats in sections! Buying £50 worth of goodies/gift next week, then another next week, and so on… Part of me regrets getting the Real Techniques brushes and a Sleek Face Form last week during the Boots Points Event (I did it online) but on hindsight I really need them for tomorrow, we’re having a massive church function for our church’s 15th year Anniversary =D Am very excited… who else agrees with me that after uni ends there’s just not enough excuses in life to really dress up?!

But I digress! Back on Christmas gift shopping theme, remember how I mentioned the Real Techniques 3 for 2 last week? The 3 for 2 is still carrying on this week, it included most beauty products but this week it’s been stretched to include more stuff, such as children’s clothing, indulgent bathing, toys and games, photo gifts and celebrity fragrance. I dare say that if you can’t get at least 80% of your Christmas gift shopping done in Boots then you’re not even trying!!!

By the way, if you want a quick glance at the calculations and when you should spend etc, have a look at this post that I did last week, quite a detailed piece of sales/discounts calculation there I think!!

To end off, the Lancôme Hypnose Mascara & Mini Wardrobe Set is currently 50% off, it’s £22 instead of £44. You get 3 Minis which include Hypnôse Dolls Eyes Mini, Hypnôse Drama Mini Mascara, Hypnôse Star Mini Mascara. I must admit I don’t think 3 mini’s for £22 is good value at all but I realise it’s Lancôme and normally £22 would get you just one full sized mascara from them! So if you know someone who loves Lancôme mascara or have always wanted to trying out all their mascaras for yourself, this is the deal for you!!

I swear… I think half my posts these days are about Boots… sorry, do tell me if you’re getting tired of me harping on about it but I do think it’s pretty value for money if you shop smart with the Advantage Card Points! Remember, don’t buy stuff you don’t need, get the gifts you need to get and the items you’ve put on your well-thought-out and carefully-put-together wish-list!!

Happy Boots Shopping!!



Which is your favourite Star Gift so far? =)

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