Boots Star Gift #6 Nov 8th – Champneys Complete Home Spa

Hello Bargain Babes!!

Welcome to another week of Boots Star Gifts!

Apologies, I had promised to try my best to get this info p at 00:01 every Friday so you get a kind of ‘FIRST LOOK’ at the Boots Star Gift for the week on this blog but was held up with an important deadline, sigh. Well, better late than never and I believe the Boots site itself is still down (as it always is from midnight Fridays till 3amish these days) so this still counts as a ‘first look’ I guess?

Anyways! On with the gift!!

This week is the Champneys Complete Home Spa Set for just £24 down from £50, it’s considerably more affordable now than it was before isn’t it?? Although word on the street is that the products individually are worth actually closer to £30 so it doesn’t that much a deal… what I love though is that the products in this set are also what they use in Champneys Spas, so it’s literally a spa brought home!!!

Champneys Home Spa Star Gift

I have to admit the packaging looks quiet lush, love that it comes in a white, hard case bag not just a pretty, cardboard box. Inside the set you’ll find:

  • Distant Shores Body Scrub (50g)
  • Citrus Blush Shower Gel (200ml)
  • Citrus Blush Body Lotion (200ml)
  • Skin Comforting Bathing Milk (300ml)
  • Distant Shores Body Butter (50ml)
  • Hand & Nail Cream (40ml)
  • Body Polisher
  • Pretty white bag!!

Champneys specialise in bath and body care and online reviews seem pretty much in their favour, they’re more in the luxury end of the market than anything else. I actually got one of their bath gels recently and it was amazing, need to get a review of it up!

I was never one to get excited over body butters or scrubs but recently I’ve been getting into more bath and body products ever since my boyfriend moved into a new place that has a bathtub. His new housemates are a couple of our mutual friends from church so I often just invite myself over ostensibly to say hi and be friendly but in reality to keep an eagle eye out for a chance to have a good, long soak in the tub (hmmm, probably shouldn’t have admitted that on here because they read this blog, hi Alice!). So this week’s Star Gift feels bang on to me!

The most obvious person to gift this to is the type of busy girl who could use a bit of quality ‘me time’ in her life, though those who like to take life nice and easy would appreciate this too. Honestly, I think almost anyone can get quite a bit of use out of this, there’s shower gel in it for goodness sake, everyone needs shower gel! And if you’ve never used a Body Polisher before (ie me) there’s always a first for everything.

Or forget about gifts, treat yourself to a home spa experience. Or maybe cheekily kill two birds with one stone by buying the set, keeping what you like for yourself (bagsy the bag and the bath milk!) then gift the rest out.

Whatever it is, you have till next Thursday the 14th to grab this, either online or in-store, before the offer’s off and a new one rolls in next Friday.

Tune in again tomorrow for some more Boots offers, I’ve received info there’s actually another Points Event rolling in next week (gosh darn there’re a lot of these recently! Must… resist…. urge… to… obsessively… collect… points… urghhhhh). For now, here’s a tip, hold off getting that Star Gift till next Wednesday or Thursday if you can!

UPDATE: If you want to have a closer look at the products check out the video here!



Which is your favourite Star Gift so far? =)

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