Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Burbery Brit Rhythm Sample

Hi All!

You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a deal like this around before, but like a few months back (yes, that’s how religiously I follow freebies and deals!), so it seems that Burberry is big on giving out samples of their Brit Rhythm fragrance.


I’m sure one look at the bottle above and you could tell this ain’t no womanly scent! That’s right, this is one for the men, I doubt there’re many guys reading this blog but ladies, as Christmas is coming up like I’ve said before a cheeky sample might be the way forward to trying to find out if they like a scent enough for you to get it for them for Christmas or not!

Here’s another plan of action you could use: get another male friend to put on the sample and get him to ask the guy for whom the present would be intended for if he likes the smell (that sentence was far more convoluted than it had to be!!).

Anyway, the description on the website says it has: ‘electrical’ top notes (by that they mean exciting, dynamic things like cardamom and juniper berries, sounds a bit like a funky curry so far), ‘adrenalised’ heart notes (leather, resin and patchouli. Interestingly they say ‘black’ leather, can you smell the difference between black and any other colour?) and ‘sensual’ base notes (cedarwood, incense and sweet Tonka beans). I can’t imagine what any of that would smell like, do you? I think I’ll leave the description and take the sample thank you very much. Good effort though, can’t imagine it’s easy reducing smells into words.

Click here to register to get a free sample. You first need to register yourself onto their ‘guest list’, this confuses me because I remember the last time they did this they also included a prize draw, so you stood a chance of winning 2 VIP tickets to some Burberry events in London, New York or Singapore. Those were in October, so it’s anyone’s else what this current ‘guest list’ is for! I wonder if it’s a fancy new way of saying ‘mailing list’?

Either way, can’t hurt to sign up, so head on over there!

Guess what, on checking back through my archives, it seems that Burberry did launch a similar samples campaign back in early September for the same fragrance! Definitely worth getting a sample of it and if you like it, it just might be on sale some time soon, perfect gift for a special guy in your life 😉



Let me know if you get this! I will be 😉

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