Some Mid-Week Sales

Hello All!

I’m not sure if all of you realised but thanks to the autumn/winter cold coming on late there were quite a few ‘Warm Weather Clothing’ sales running about. Well, not the winter cold has finally properly set in (this year’s summer has be very good, hasn’t it??) you’ll actually need warm weather clothing and thankfully retailers haven’t slacked off on those sales either, probably because they’ll need to move all that Autumn and early Winter stock fast!! It feels like we’ve skipped Autumn and plunged into the beginnings of Winter, haven’t we?

Not to mention, these sales are also coinciding with the pre-Christmas offers everyone’s putting up! A word of advice, we all know that the post-Christmas slashes will be better than the pre-Christmas sales but if you do find anything you really love and would want to wear throughout this season or if you’re big on gift shopping, just get it now! Especially for clothes, it’s a nightmare finding your size for most decent items post-Christmas. Especially so for items that are on-trend because if you hoard them for next winter they might go out by then.

Right, so today I’ve trawled through some sales and found what I feel are the best few for you to focus on if your shopping time is limited:



For some reason, they’ve put up a completely new page separate to their usual sale page which is a 50% Off Selected Items page! It’s pretty rare that current season items go on sale at H&M so it’s very, very worth having a peek.

This is a very limited time sale that started a couple days ago and ends today (6th Nov) or until stocks run out. Check it out here.


Yes, not just an auction site for independent sellers, they have stores too and I love when they have sales because you can get some amazing bargains and they also literally sell everything.

They’ve currently put up a Best Brands sale page that sees prices on some thing slashed by almost 50%. They have things like razors (meh), shampoo (hmmm), beauty creams (now we’re talking) and hair dye (I’m getting one now!). Have a look for yourself! Seems like a pretty good place to stock up on shampoo for the year if I’m honest (Head and Shoulders, Aussie and Herbal Essences, all brands I’d happily use).

The beauty cream on offer is the Olay Regenerist range which I’ve only ever heard good things about, haven’t tried it personally but it’s worth having a go if you’re new to skincare and want to experiment! Or could be a great gift =) The hair dyes are Clairol.

 Check it all out here, the sale’s on till 7th Nov, that’s this Thursday!


I know I haven’t talked of this site a lot, they’re actually a flash sale site just like Secret Sales except I find Cocosa seems to have a generally higher price point, hence why I don’t mention them! This one is really for luxury/high-end buyer in you that wants to buy an expensive treat for someone for Christmas or just for yourself.

They’ve got an amazing Gift Boutique sections for Women, Men and Children at the moment and the sections are arranged by price, so you can view the under £25 one or under £50, under £100 etc. If you want to gift/own something designer for cheap you can’t really do better than the under £25 boutique, the shoes and gloves seem a good deal to me, less so the umbrellas and cutlery (designer umbrellas?!). My favourite deal in here though would be the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes that you can find in the under £50 section, some are £49 slashed down from £150!

Check this out here, this closes Nov 9th, this Saturday (talk about early Christmas shopping), but popular items do go out of stock faster.

Yves Rocher

It seems like they’re always have a deal on doesn’t it?! But their Christmas Shop is now open and it does seem pretty amazing! I might not recommend this as a place to buy something for yourself, I just feel there’re so many other beauty products out there to try and I don’t like to be tempted by a sale, but if you look at their polishes or bath and body gift ideas you get some pretty amazing looking gift sets for less than £5 even! Everything’s packaged neatly in some pretty box or hemp bag too.

Definitely one for the Office Party’s Secret Santa… check it out here. Doesn’t seem to have an end date. By the way, did I mention they send a free gift with each purchase?

Happy Shopping!



Have you sorted out Christmas Gifts yet??

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